Chembarathi February 23 Written Update: Bhadra arrives at Trichambarath

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February 22, 2021



3 min


In the previous episode of Chembarathi, Anand shares the details of his conversation with Dasan with Kalyani. Akhila’s affectionate behaviour makes Sahadevan happy. Later, Sahadevan blesses Kalyani before Anand. 

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In the latest episode of Chembarathi, Kalyani apologises to her mother for forgetting her death anniversary. She stands before her deceased mother’s photograph and weeps while Aniyankuttan consoles her. Meanwhile, Akhila tries to find out if the ‘Guruji’ is available for the Ashtami puja. Akhila feels upset when her uncle refuses to attend the puja. Akhila feels that his denial is a bad omen. Sivaramakrishnan tries to pacify her. Kalyani and Aniyankuttan apologise to Dasan for forgetting about their mother’s death anniversary. Sujatha and Kalyani begin to prepare for the puja. 

Kalyani explains the significance of ‘Ashtami’ puja to Sujatha. Sujatha playfully mocks Kalyani. Kalyani tells her that she feels she is a part of the Trichmabarath family already. Aravind tells Anand that this is the right time to speak with Akhila. He tells Anand to find Akhila and speak with her. Meanwhile, Subramaniam arrives at Trichambarath. He brings a gift for Akhila, but Anand accidentally drops the statue that Subramaniam brings and breaks it. Subramaniam consoles Anand. Meanwhile, Priyanka plots against the Trichambarath family. She decides to fill the vacancy of Vilasini. Meanwhile, Akhila asks Ganga about the preparations. Akhila also asks her to learn about all these practices at Trichambarath as she has to be taking care of it all. Jayanthi begins the puja starting with making marks of a baby’s feet considering him to be Lord Krishna. Akhila asks for the mother of the baby. Suddenly, a woman appears claiming to be the mother of the child. Aravind is stunned on seeing the woman. Akhila asks the woman who she is. Bhadra introduces herself to everyone. She tells everyone that she is a college friend of Aravind’s. Aravind realises that there is some issue that is going to pop up. Akhila invites Bhadra to stay at Trichambarath. Bhadra gives gifts to Akhila and Aravind. 

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