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April 21, 2020

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The First Encounter

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We’re all aware of Kamali and Adi’s perfect love story! But, just to take you back in time, here are a few memories from the show that will surely bring a smile to your face.

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This is a picture of Kamali and Rishi’s first romantic encounter. They are lost in each other’s eyes and share a cliched yet classic  moment in love.


The Summer Camp

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Kamali and Ningi reach a summer camp for children where they are required to teach. However, Kamali fails miserably at doing the same.

Kamali’s Surprise For Rishi

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This is the time when Kamali comes to Rishi’s house to meet him but he isn’t able to believe it! He is at a loss for words and can barely come to terms with the fact that the girl who he is crazy about has finally shown some interest.

A Sentimental Moment

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Well, this one is the cutest when Kamali cries with happiness expressing her fondness for Rishi. A shocked Rishi can’t seem to believe his ears! His expressions says it all!

The Cycle Story

Source: ZEE5

Kamali finds her grandfather’s bicycle and is thrilled to see the same. She then rides it back to her house. She almost has a childlike grin on her face!

Rishi Lifts Kamali Up

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When Rishi lifted Kamali up during the ritual so that she could complete it, w couldn’t stop smiling. This cute but romantic gesture by Rishi was enough proof that he is madly in love with Kamali.

The Proposal

Source: ZEE5

Rishi proposes to Kamali and confesses his love in a dramatic but beautiful manner. He also gifts her a painting of her portrait for which she expresses her gratitude.

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