Janhvi Kapoor

Janhvi Kapoor

Janhvi Kapoor

This actress is the Dhadak of Bollywood. Janhvi Kapoor has managed to make quite an impact on the Industry within a short period. She has managed to win the hearts and minds of everyone with her simplicity and charm. Janhvi stands out of the crowd and has a personality built for the camera.

Her Mother Was Against The Bollywood Dream

Many people like to think and imagine that all the Bollywood families are just preparing their children to be actors. The opposite couldn't be more accurate as they know the harsh and often challenging journey one must take behind the limelight. For Sridevi, her idea of a perfect career for Janhvi was being a doctor rather than an actor. She, however, fought for her dream of being an actor and apologized for her lack of educational prowess. Her father, Boney Kapoor, tried to ease her mother's mind and ultimately accept Janhvi's goals.

Rejected A Substantial South Indian Film Offer

Even before she could make her Bollywood debut, she was already getting some big offers down south. One of the offers was from Megastar Mahesh Babu and Director A.R Murugadoss. Ultimately, she refused this for a simple reason, the age gap between Mahesh Babu and her is too broad. In retrospect, it was the correct decision because, with Dhadak, there's a certain freshness of having new faces embrace the screen.

She Is Trying to Create Her Path In The Industry

Ever since she has graced the screen, there have been many comparisons between her and her late mother, Sridevi. It is unavoidable, and she has made it clear that she doesn't follow her mom's acting style. She's only watched five films of hers in her whole life and has many ambitions to become a successful actress in life.

Janhvi's already on the track with her unique choices

It is said that an actor is only as great as the script and pick roles one pursues.

Even though some strata of audiences have criticized her acting, she is learning on the go making exciting choices. Let's analyze her roles.

Roohi- For any actor to take a plunge into playing such a physical character like a ghost is extremely impressive. She played this part with a lot of conviction and brought physicality to it.

Gunjan Saxena- Immediately jumping from the next-door girl to being the Kargil girl is an exciting choice. She got extensive physical training and even learned how to drive a jeep. Janhvi also managed to showcase a more action persona instead of being a bubbly girl.

Ghost Stories- In this horror anthology series, she plays the role of a carer working for an older woman. In this role, Janhvi plays a part that is more subtle and internalized. She managed to impress everyone with her incredibly realistic portrayal of a health worker.

The Philanthropy Contest

Janhvi Kapoor has collaborated with her sister Anshula company for philanthropy goals. The company FanKind connects fans and stars to support underprivileged people. One of the fans who donated also got an opportunity to ride in a helicopter with Janhvi.

Incredible Work Ethic

Even though she comes from a highly privileged position, Janhvi Kapoor is an incredibly hard worker. On average, she works about 12 hours a day on film sets and can work for days on 2 hours sleep.

Janhvi watches about one movie daily and calls that time soul-feeding. She is so addicted to the work lifestyle that when not being on set, Janhvi starts to go loopy. Kapoor is an actress that eats, lives, and breathes cinema.

Her Love For The 50s and 60s Cinema

Even though many might consider her an uber millennial, she is an old soul at heart. Many call her an actress born in the wrong generation, and she is a big Madhubala fan. Her favorite films of this era are Mr and Mrs 55, Umrao Jaan, and Pakeezah.

Janhvi Kapoor represents the next generation of actresses that everyone hopes will leave a huge impact. She is still known more for her looks and sex appeal but doesn't discount her ability to play various characters.

Janhvi is raw, unfiltered, determined to be the next big thing.



07 March 1997 Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Active Years

1997 - Today
Dostana 2 (2022)
Good Luck Jerry (2022)
Roohi (2021)
Roohi Arora / Afzana Bedi
Ghost Stories (2020)
Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl (2020)
Gunjan Saxena
Dhadak (2018)
Parthavi Singh Rathore

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