Bomma Adirindi: 4 times Pandu (almost) found love on the sets

Even though we love seeing his legs pulled, Pandu of Bomma Adirindi is loved by all. Here are a few times he almost found love for himself!

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December 4, 2020


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From flirting with Russian girls on the sets of Bomma Adirindi to almost having a choice between three girls, here are a few times we thought Pandu would get hitched.  Our wishes remained wishes, though. Although he almost got married to these beautiful girls, bad luck came his way and blocked the Cupid’s way.

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1)  When he got to be with three girls in the same episode

On the very first episode of Bomma Adirindi, Pandu got to dance away with three beautiful girls. Although he almost got them to agree and marry him, Sreemukhi did not let that happen and hence began the story of Pandu and his everlasting bad luck with the concept of love!

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2) When he tried a pickup line

Pickup lines have never done anyone any good and it was proven once again when Pandu tried to use a pickup line to get on with a beautiful guest on his sets. He asked if her dad was a bank manager since he hid such beauty for a long time to which she asked if his dad was a chef since he cooked words so well. What a royal fail!

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3) When Jani master’s assistant visited the sets

When Jani master got his assistants on the sets of Bomma Adirindi, Pandu was extremely eager to talk to her since he thought that this was THE girl. However, since he is cursed when it comes to love, it so turned out that this girl spoke Hindi and Pandu was as good as a tree when it came to speaking Hindi. Know what we mean?


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4) When Durusu came from Russia

When Pandu managed to charm a girl all the way from Russia, he convinced us that she was the one for him since she said yes to whatever he said. However, it turned out that Durusu was laying a trap to loot him from head to toe leaving him with bare minimum clothes towards the end of the episode.

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