Bigg Boss fame Manveer Gurjar Comes Out In Support Of Karan Mehra Amid Controversy

Among those celebs who addressed Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal controversy, is Bigg Boss fame Manveer Gurjar who came out in support of the former.

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June 6, 2021

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Karan Mehra has been in the news ever since his wife Nisha Rawal made some shocking allegations against him. She accused him of domestic violence and of having an extramarital affair. Since then, many celebrities have come forward to express their take on this controversy. Among those who addressed this issue in public, is Bigg Boss fame Manveer Gurjar who came out in support of Karan Mehra.

Earlier this week, a user on Twitter wrote that he has never seen Karan Mehra losing his calm, even in the worst situation. The user was referring to Mehra’s time in Bigg Boss house, and how he always kept calm even when others abused him. The user further wrote, “Some women take advantage of the societal empathy & you all join so easily. Why men are not trusted in the first place?”

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Manveer Gurjar, who was a fellow contestant on Bigg Boss with Karan Mehra, reshared this tweet. He said “Correct! Totally Agreed.” He further added that Karan was very caring and humble in the house. He asked Karan to remain strong and be patient. As per the reports, Karan and Manveer shared a great bond in the house.  Take a look at his full tweet below.

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Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal controversy

For those unaware, Nisha Rawal made some allegations against her husband Karan Mehra earlier this week. She accused him of domestic violence, as well as of having an extramarital affair. She alleged that during a fight, Karan hit her head against a wall which caused bleeding. Karan was reportedly arrested for the same but was released the same day on bail.

Even Karan has addressed his version of what transpired that night in Media. He reportedly claimed that it was Nisha who banged her own head, resulting in an injury. He also refuted her allegations and mentioned that he was not involved in an extramarital affair.

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