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Best Of 2020: From Gurunath To Soham, A Look At All The Villains Who Entertained Us In Different Zee Marathi Shows

Tanvi Dhote

December 31, 2020

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Zee Marathi shows have been entertaining their fans during this difficult year. But all of these shows would have been incomplete without their crazy, power hungry, and evil villains.

Zee Marathi has many shows in various genres. These shows have managed to keep the audience entertained throughout the year. But all of these show would be incomplete without their villains. While many of these villains create chaos intentionally some of them become antagonists unknowingly. So here’s taking a look at the top villains of Zee Marathi who added major twists in the show’s storyline.

Maya & Gurunath – Mazya Navryachi Bayko

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Since Radhika and Gurunath separated, the latter has been adamant in creating chaos in his ex-wife’s life. This year, Gurunath stopped paying much attention to Shanaya and moved on to Maya as she is a wealthy businesswoman. He took advantage of Maya’s ignorance and instigated wrong beliefs about Shanaya, Radhika and Soumitra. Maya, who madly loves Gurunath also began to help him trap Radhika. No wonder she was happy when Gurunath stormed Radhika’s office with the media and even when he planned to ruin Radhika and Shanaya’s trip.

Soham – Agga Bai Sasubai

Soham was no less than a shining star in his mother’s life. But everything changed when Asawari realised how Soham tricked Abhijeet. She banished him from her house. So Soham chose to seek revenge on his mother and stepfather by gaining control of Abhi’s Kitchen and took over their house. He did not miss out on a single chance to insult the duo.

Dada mama – Majha Hoshil Na

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Majha Hoshil Na has reached an interesting point. Sai and Aditya have finally confessed their feelings to each other. Bandhu mama is fully supportive of this new couple but on the other hand, Dada mama wants Aditya to marry Meghna. Dada mama has always controlled Aditya’s life but now that he has chosen Sai, he is bound to be furious. While he isn’t a villain exactly but his principles and ideals are currently working against Sai and Aditya’s love story.

Shona – Karbhari Laybhari

Shona has always been a troublemaker in Karbhari Laybhari. Right from the time she pretended to be Priyanka’s friend and tried to expose her friendship with Rajveer to Priyankda’s dad. Moreover, when Priyanka tried to reveal her true identity to Rajveer through a letter, Shona placed it in her father’s file. The series also has enough instances of Shona manipulating Priyanka’s father for her benefit.

Nivrutti – Tuzat Jeev Rangala

Nivrutti has been adamant on seeking revenge on Rana Da since his niece Nandita was sent to prison. Nivrutti manipulates Anjali and tells her that her husband is not the same person she was first married to. Nivrutti comes up with various schemes to trap Rana and his family. But to this day, Rana Da has emerged successful through all of these traps.

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