Belli’s Best Friend Harini Will Brighten Up Your Dull Monday With Her Smile Alone 

Harshala, aka Harini from Yaare Nee Mohini, always impresses us with her positive and fun-loving nature.  

Parinika Uchil

May 13, 2019

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One of the best-supporting-actress on Zee Kannada is Namma Harini from Yaare Nee Mohini. On the show, she is Belli’s only support system against villains like Maya and Neelambari. Harshala’s acting skills in every scene is mind-blowing because of how relatable she makes her character.

Drift away into Belli’s romantic dream with Muttu in this episode:

This Yaare Nee Mohini actress is a newbie in the entertainment industry but her talent speaks otherwise. If you are a fan, you may have noticed that in many of her pictures on social media, Harshala is smiling wide. The reason for this is her happy-go-lucky nature.

In an Instagram post, she put up this picture and wrote, “Hang on to the things in life that make you smile and let go of what doesn’t“. Every word of this sentence is true because happiness is the only path forward.

The benefits of staying in your happy zone are plenty. It helps you become more compassionate with yourself and others around. Remember, life is all about learning to cope with the tried and tested mechanism of happiness. When you are feeling low, don’t worry about the current situation. Instead, be grateful for everything that has brought you happiness until now. You can also try focusing on your hobbies. It will divert your mind and will also make time fly. Another way to overcome a foul mood is through music.

Remember Harshala’s words about patience and have faith in yourself. Try to find happiness in small things because the world is too big to stay upset with someone or something. If nothing else works, prepare for a selfie and smile wide!

Have you tried the happiness therapy? What about Harshala do you like most? Keep your comments flowing in the section below.

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