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Bapu: 5 Lessons From The Show That Encouraged Kids To Become Responsible Citizens

Mahima Maniar

October 8, 2020

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Five times when Bapu weaved valuable lessons for kids!

ZEE5’s animated kids’ show Bapu is rife with moral lessons which are applicable not only to children, but also to adults. All the episodes end in delivering a righteous lesson which one should imbibe to live a fulfilling life.

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The narrative is set in Bharat Nagar or Mini India where Bapu, with his three monkeys Bhola, Tola and Gola, set precedence for the residents to take a cue from. All the children of the town diligently follow his ideals to make Bharat Nagar a better place to live in. This is not purely a show for entertainment, but it also imparts valuable lessons that would mould children into responsible citizens.

Safai Ke Saink

When Bharatnagar is filled with filth, dirt and grime, Bapu takes it upon himself to organise a meeting and address the problem. A blame game ensues among the residents, where everyone sends their garbage to the other’s place but no one takes responsibility. Bapu focuses on cleansing the dirt that we have in our minds and hearts in the form of evil thoughts and negative feelings. Only then can one rise above and keep the society clean. Everyone is equally accountable to do their bit and keep the environment clean.

Gadget Upwaas

Azad thinks of closing his toy shop because children no longer have an interest in toys or outdoor activities. Even the parks and gardens are empty. They mostly invest their time in playing video games on their phone. Children nowadays have become increasingly gadget-oriented. He encourages everyone in Bharatnagar to lessen the time they spend on gadgets. Although initially, children are dejected, they eventually get more involved in outdoor games like playing cricket, marbles, spinning top and a game of tipcat.

Suraj Ki Hi-Tech Cycle

When Suraj gets a hi-tech cycle from his uncle Bill, he becomes possessive about it and never lets his friends ride the cycle but shows it off to them. But when a bull sees the red colour of the cycle, he destroys it. Suraj is left shattered. He thinks his friends will never speak to him again. But Bapu explains that Suraj’s friendship is more valuable than a cycle. When Moorthy makes a similar cycle, all the friends ride it. They even encourage Suraj to ride it, which instils a sense of sharing among children and strengthens their bond of friendship.

Shopping Competition

When Kalakar and Tijorimal get into a shopping competition, they spend a good fortune in buying materialistic things and try to outshine one another. Bapu challenges them to climb up a hill where their family are and bring along something which their kids would love. They start climbing the steep hill carrying different things which they thought would keep their children happy. As their kids call out to them to reach first, Kalakar and Tijorimal start dropping redundant materials. They reach the spot empty-handed and embrace their children. They confess that the greatest joy in life is one’s family, not materialist things.

Aam Ka Ped

When Moorthy was adamant on removing a mango tree to construct a laboratory there, the children and the three monkeys try their level best to stop him. He uses several means to cut the tree but in vain. Bapu explains to him that the tree is a habitat for many animals and birds and it provides us with oxygen.  When Moorthy realises his fault, he admits his mistake.

Bapu is not only a show for children, but also helps adults in living a meaningful and virtuous life. More such content for kids’ entertainment, only on ZEE5.

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