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As Ratris Khel Chale 2 Heads Towards An End, Here Are 5 Things We Will Miss About The Show Starring Apurva Nemlekar

Kedar Koli

August 26, 2020

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The beloved horror show is coming to an end soon. Here are five things that we will definitely miss about Anna and the haunted Naik Wada.

After entertaining us for years, Ratris Khel Chale 2 is now coming to an end. Anna’s life will soon complete a full circle as he gets back to being his humble self that we saw in the sequel Ratris Khel Chale. The show is bound to end on a dramatic high as Anna and his family are being haunted by Shevanta’s ghost. While the fans are sad to see the horror drama heading towards the end, they still want Shevanta to get the much-needed closure. The countdown has already begun, but we still haven’t come to terms with the fact that the show won’t greet us anymore in a week’s time. As we look back, there are some things that will make us miss this Zee Marathi show. Here are the five things that we will miss the most even after the show ends.

Watch an episode of Ratris Khel Chale 2 but only if you’re willing to be spooked out of your wits.

1. Apurva Nemlekar as Shevanta

Apurva Nemlekar is probably the reason why we got addicted to the show in the first place. The actress played a femme fatale named Shevanta who gets into an affair with Anna. Things start taking a turn for the worst after Anna’s entry into her life. The character was responsible for taking the story ahead and no one could have done a better job at it than Apurva. She breathed life in the fascinating journey of Shevanta which met with a tragic end recently. You’ll have to watch the show to find out what happened to her. Even though Shevanta is dead on the show, the hazel-eyed beauty will stay in our hearts even after the show ends.

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2. The shady Anna Naik

The protagonist Anna Naik (Madhav Abhyankar) is another reason why we started watching the show. Owner of the grand Naik Wada, Anna took the show to the peaks of popularity. His shady acts and the murders that he committed still send shivers down our spine. Since he was so intimidating, no one dared to question his acts. Anna was involved in almost every death shown in the show. His signature style which included killing the person and then planting a mango sapling on their grave will probably haunt us forever.

3. The cinematic experience

The show presented terrifying shots coupled with shaky camera movements, which involved the viewers in the scenes. Trust us when we say this, RKC2 gave us the experience of cinema despite being a TV show. With its terrific camera work and cinematography, the show made us fall in love with the craft of cinema.

4. The haunted Naik Wada

How can we forget the haunted Naik Wada where most of the significant events take place? This iconic place is an actual location in Konkan that became the heart of the show. The Naik Wada was home to Anna, his wife, children, and ghosts (obviously). Every time the Naik Wada was shown on screen, we could something creepy happening next. Well, that’s the trademark of the spooky old Naik Wada!

5. The plot twists

The show began with a plot twist and looks like it will eventually end on one. Thanks to the interesting twists and turns, the story shaped into a horrifying one with the journey of Anna and Shevanta. It was also because of its impressive storyline that RKC2 became the most-watched show on TV. Even though the show is heading towards its end, it has still managed to keep us hooked to our seats!

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