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As Rainy Season Approaches, We’re Excited To See Romance Going Up In Shows Like Majha Hoshil Na & More

Tanvi Rumale

June 5, 2021

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Take a look at Zee Marathi couples like Aditya and Sai that we are very excited to see this monsoon!

The monsoons often call for cosy evenings, warm drinks and a loved one’s presence around. And rains have been romanticised since times immemorial. As June comes, we await the monsoons with the excitement to see how our favourite Zee Marathi couples’ love lives unfold! We think that this monsoon, a lot of couples, both married and unmarried are going to have fresh turns in their romances and we cannot wait to see all of them!

Majha Hoshil Na’s Sai and Aditya

Majha Hoshil Na
Source: ZEE5

Sai and Aditya got married a couple of months ago but have barely gotten any time to themselves. They had been living with the mamas in the Brahme house and both were busy with situations. Aditya was busy with his company and his employees and Sai was busy with the whole Gulpreet and Bandhu mama issue. Now, after Sai and Aditya have left the house because of Dada mama, we are finally seeing the two alone. We think that this time alone will give them more moments together and will only make them stronger. For a couple who was interrupted by their family even on their honeymoon, this could be just their chance to spend time together and do everything they always wanted to do without Dada mama’s watchful gaze. Sai and Aditya are now setting up their new house and these new first-hand experiences will only make them a better and stronger couple!

Yeu Kashi Tashi Me Nandayla’s Omkar and Sweetu


Sweetu Omkar Yeu Kashi Tashi Me Nandayla
Source: ZEE5

In the recent episode, we see that Sweetu finally decides to go to the airport to stop Omkar from leaving for London. She will admit her love for him and they will decide to get married. In the coming weeks, we could see them become proper lovers and convince their families to marry each other. Soon they will become newlyweds and will start a whole new journey of love too. For fans of the show, it’s an exciting time as Omkar and Sweetu had been pining over each other for quite some time now and we think that this monsoon, the two will finally get together and welcome love with open arms!

Pahile Na Me Tula’s Manasi and Aniket

pahile na me tula
Source: ZEE5

Manasi and Aniket have only just started to live together in Aniket’s house as their secret has come out. They are learning to live with each other and stay together through tough times. Sadly for them, their marriage did not start off ideally and on one of the first days of their marriage, Samar gifted them divorce papers. This has rattled Manasi but we are seeing a more protective side of Aniket these days. He has been supporting her and consoling her so that she remains strong. The two have transformed from childhood sweethearts to husband and wife now and we’re getting to see the start of their marriage this monsoon!

Karbhari Laybhari’s Priyanka and Rajveer

Karbhari Laybhari

Currently, romance might be the last thing on Rajveer and Priyanka’s mind as they have a lot on their plate. They are focused on beating Kanchan and making Rajveer the perfect political leader. We think that their efforts will come to fruition into something wonderful and hopefully, this season, Rajveer and Priyanka get to spend time with each other privately when they succeed in their plans. The two have been married for many months now, but have barely gotten any privacy. Kanchan has been troubling them the whole time and we need to see these two happy and peaceful ASAP!

Aggabai Sunbai’s Shubhra and Anurag

aggabai sunbai anurag
Source: ZEE5

Anurag is a new character on the show that was introduced on the day Shubhra found out about Soham’s affair. He is eccentric, kind-hearted, has good values and is very smart. When he is with Shubhra, he is respectful and he treats her like an equal. He supports her and motivates her, even though they’ve only just met. He is even good friends with Ajoba and Shubham! We think that Anurag could transform into the perfect love interest for Shubhra! With Soham, her marriage has ended even though they’re still in it. She does not love him anymore. This rainy season, we hope that Shubhra finds some happiness of her own in Anurag!

Which couple’s journey are you most excited about?

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