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Arjun Mathur As Rahul Gandhi In The Accidental Prime Minister Or As Ravi Khanna In Silence: Which Political Act Impressed You More?

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April 1, 2021

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Arjun’s character of Ravi Khanna, a flawed politician adds an interesting shade to Silence. Watching him in the film has made the audience recall Arjun’s noteworthy act in The Accidental Prime Minister, also as a politician.

Actor Arjun Mathur has never failed to impress the audience with his craft of performing. His elegant on-screen persona in every project reflects a sense of reality. Through his cinematic performances, Arjun has shown us different facets of the human condition that imbibe within us. And his latest release Silence proves his dedication towards cinema yet again. Arjun’s character of Ravi Khanna, a flawed politician adds an interesting shade to this thriller. 

However, this is not the first time Arjun has played the role of a politician. In the 2019 political drama, he essayed the role of real-life politician Rahul Gandhi. His performance became the highlight of the film. Eventually, his portrayal made him a favourite star of the critics.  And now watching him in Silence has made the audience recall Arjun’s noteworthy act in The Accidental Prime Minister.

So, here’s drawing parallels between these two notable characters played by Arjun Mathur.

An Egoistic Politician

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Arjun Mathur’s persona of Ravi Khanna breathes life into Silence’s thrilling saga. In the whodunnit where the viewers are immersed in finding the culprit, Mathur’s expressive acts keep them hooked. Ravi is an egoistic politician who can go to any extreme for his own benefit. This segregates his character more on the devious side.

While in The Accidental Prime Minister, the makers portray Arjun’s character of Gandhi with a subtle approach. The egoistic nature of Mathur’s character lies within the hierarchy of family politics. However, the film never comments directly on it. But this particular shade in these two characters is quite similar.

Sense Of Power And Authority

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Power and authority are the vital themes of both Silence and The Accidental Prime Minister. Though from different genres, both these stories are weaved well around these themes. And both these characters, be it Ravi or Gandhi are driven by a sense of power and authority. They can go to extremes to fight for power. Both these characters belong to the clan of politics and that’s another appealing trait Arjun Mathur has got right.

The Immoral Acts

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In Silence, we see Ravi Khanna and his antics to achieve his political aspirations. He’s not a moral personality and that’s what makes his character darker than the other suspects. Ravi is involved in forging the election results, to achieve big in the world of politics. He seems to believe the saying, “In politics, being deceived is no excuse.”

And Mathur’s character of Gandhi in The Accidental Prime Minister is portrayed on the same lines. And the actor portrays both these versions with apt performances.

Feeble And Confused

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Though Ravi Khanna has a great hold over politics, his character is always shown as feeble and confused. When his name gets dragged into a murder investigation, he gets scared and tries to trick the investigation. Khanna lacks the ability to realize his self-worth.

However, Mathur delivers an exact opposite role in The Accidental Prime Minister. His character is a masterful planner and is quite contrary to that of Khanna.

A Humanized Character

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The most interesting parallel between Arjun Mathur’s Ravi Khanna and Rahul Gandhi is that both these characters are humanized versions. Though these characters are often spotlighted as the negative ones, there’s a humanized side to them. And this particular trait is what makes these two characters worth remembering. Arjun has played them with utter perfection.

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