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Apurva Nemlekar Reveals 5 Secrets About Herself During An #AMA Session On Instagram

Vaishnavi Navalkar

November 17, 2020

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Tuza Maza Jamtay’s Apurva Nemlekar conducted an #AMA session on Instagram and made some huge revelations about herself.

Apurva Nemlekar rose to fame with her character as Shewanta in Ratris Khel Chale 2.  Apurva won the hearts of several fans with her performance as Shewanta, and currently the actress appears in the show Tuza Maza Jamtay. Apurva Nemlekar’s on-screen characters have managed to garner curiosity amongst the audience to know more about her off-screen avatar and her personal life. She recently conducted an Ask Me Anything session on Instagram and answered a few questions by her fans. Here are 5 biggest revelations Apurva Nemlekar made about her on Instagram.

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1) Her Dream

One Instagram user asked Apruva Nemlekar about her dream. Unlike several actors who dream of luxurious cars, houses and lavish lifestyle, Apurva dreams of owning a small cosy house. She said she wants to own a small cosy house near a river in Konkan.

2) Her favourite musical instrument

Another Instagram user asked Apruva Nemlekar about her favourite musical instrument. The actress replied that she loved the saxophone. She is an avid music lover and has mentioned this in many of her interviews. Love to know that Apurva is quite an old school and loves vintage!

3) Are the colour of her eyes real?

This is probably one of the most asked questions by Apurva Nemlekar’s fans. The actress has gorgeous hazel eyes and many wonders if they are real. Through the #AMA session, Apurva finally revealed that the colour of her eyes is real and she does not wear coloured contact lenses.

4) Who is Apurva’s crush?

Apurva spilt the beans about one of the biggest secrets of her life through the IG #AMA session. She revealed about her love life when asked who her crush was. She revealed that she is currently waiting and searching for her soulmate. We wonder if that is true.

5) How does Apurva describe herself?

Apurva Nemlekar also revealed how she describes herself. One of her fans asked to describe herself in 2 words and she replied saying she is Rebellious and Loyal. Apurva Nemlekar also revealed about her school and her favourite spot in Mumbai city. She revealed that she went to IES King George High School and went to Ruparel College, Dadar. She also mentioned that her favourite spot in the city was Shivaji Park in Dadar.

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