Anjarai Petti: 10 Mouthwatering Recipes To Try At Home This Diwali!

This Diwali try a few guilt-free lip-smacking recipes from Anjarai Petti! Watch the recipes here.

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November 15, 2020


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Diwali is here, and this means that while lights fill our houses with brightness, it also time for us to feast our ways into strong family bonds. This Diwali we made sure that binging on calories was least of your worries. With these 10 recipes from Anjarai Petti, get your hands on healthy and tasty recipes that will make for an effervescent Diwali.

1)Pear Mousse 

What could be healthier than fruits? Experience what happens when you make a dessert with a pear. This easy to make recipe is a must-try treat for your sweet tooth this Diwali

2)Paneer Stuffed Cutlet

Imagine being able to make delicacies with things you can find at home easily. The ingredients for Paneer Stuffed Cutlet are not only easy to find but the dish doesn’t take much effort either.

3)Aloo Dahi Puri

What’s a Diwali feast without some lip-smacking starters? While it is light on the stomach and appealing to your taste buds, this recipe of Aloo Dahi Puri is completely healthy so you can have it guilt-free.

4)Steamed Chinese Cabbage Parcel

Nothing beats Desi-Chinese when it comes to taste. This Chinese cabbage parcel is equally healthy and tasty.  Treat your family to an amazing recipe that keeps them wanting more.

5)Chocolate Mousse 

Although the words chocolates and healthy rarely go together, this recipe uses dark chocolate that has repeatedly proven to be good for your heart. Try this recipe and gorge on it guilt-free.

6) Fig and Cookie Shake 

This recipe is as tasty as it sounds. This Diwali, do not miss trying this recipe from Anjarai Petti. Yet another recipe that uses ingredients that are found at home very easily.

7)Chawal Ki Baath

This dish is the perfect traditional sweet to make this Diwali. You could also make it for Prasad. Ms Sindu makes this dish effortlessly, convincing us that this Diwali dish is far from being a hassle.

8)Mundiri Murukku

From Anjarai Petti’s Diwali special episode, this Mundiri Murukku is the perfect savoury for you and your family this Diwali. The dish can be a perfect companion for midnight snacking too.

9)Chocolate Biscuit Cake 

When it is the festive season, you should be able to binge on sweets without second thoughts. Chocolate biscuit cake is here to make sure exactly that happen! Try this recipe without fail, for your sweet tooth.

10)Seviyaan Ki Barfi 

To end this list on a sweet note, our last dish is Seviyaan ki Barfi. This recipe was curated keeping in mind that households would be wary of the fat and calorie content in a dish. Hence, it goes without saying that is perfectly healthy for you to gorge on, this Diwali.


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