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Amir Khusro’s Timeless Classic, Chaap Tilak, Gets Two Beautiful Adaptations In Dark 7 White And The Wife, Which Is Your Favourite?

Vatsal Thakore

March 18, 2021

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Amir Khusro’s classic composition, Chaap Tilak, has gotten two beautiful recreations for the ZEE5 Originals – Dark 7 White and The Wife. Did you hear them yet?

Chaap Tilak is a beautiful poem that was written and composed by the renowned poet Amir Khusro in the 14th century. Written in Awadhi, Chaap Tilak is a romantic poem, and for a long time, has been recreated by the musicians of India and Pakistan, in a qawwali format. Being a popular composition with a melody that makes you want to hum it as soon as you hear it, all its recreated versions have received lots of love from the listeners. The lovely qawwali was also recreated for the ZEE5 show Dark 7 White, and recently, it has been adapted again for the upcoming film, The Wife.

Dark 7 White is a crime drama show, starring Sumeet Vyas, Nidhi Singh, and Jatin Sarna in prominent roles. In the show, Jatin Sarna plays the role of a cop, DCP Abhimanyu, and Monica Chaudhary plays the role of Neelu. There are hints of a brewing romance between Abhimanyu and Neelu, the moments of which are compiled as a video, with the backdrop of Chaap Tilak.

This version of Chaap Tilak is adapted and recreated by Sargam Jassu and Nakash Aziz. Nakash Aziz has also sung the track, and very beautifully so. The Dark 7 White’s version of Chaap Tilak is composed in an upbeat manner and makes one feel hopeful for Abhimanyu and Neelu’s love story while watching the music video. The captivating track, which retains its qawwali feel, was an instant hit among the listeners. Take a look at the music video here:

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Another version of this classic poetry is recreated for the upcoming ZEE5 film, The Wife, starring Gurmeet Chaudhary and Sayani Datta. This version is composed by Utkarsh Dhotekar and sung by Harjot Kaur. Since The Wife is a horror flick, this track is made to retain the horror feel of the film, while also building a romantic connection between the lead characters.

The music video of this version of Chaap Tilak also features horror scenes, as an unknown entity is trying to make contact with the couple, while they’re engrossed in a romantic moment. The track very beautifully fits the haunting setting. Along with the music, Harjot Kaur’s voice also feels melodious and soothing to listen to. Take a look at the music video here:


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The Wife premieres on ZEE5 on 19 March.

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