Almost Sufal Sampoorna: What Is Wrong With Nachiket? Sai Tries To Find Out!

Carry’s entry in Nachiket’s house means Sai’s exit from his heart? Watch the video inside!

Ankita Tiwari

September 2, 2020


2 min


Zee Yuva show Almost Sufal Sampoorna‘s plot is one of the best love stories we have heard in a long time! The show is loved by the viewers for its romantic track. Nikhil Damle and Gauri Kulkarni’s chemistry is also loved and appreciated. But now Carry (Pooja Birari) is headed to make this love story a bit messy. Carry is Nachiket’s best friend from Australia who has come for a student exchange program. She is staying with Nachiket and already has had a tussle with Appa. Appa calls her Kangarin and she finds him weird!

Watch the latest episode of the show Almost Sufal Sampoorna here.

But in the last episode, Nachiket suffered from a bad accident, though it left him unharmed. He got an ankle twist and is in pain ever since. Meanwhile, Sai is worried about her beau’s health. She constantly calls him and asks about his well-being. Watch this sweet conversation below!

Do you think that Carry’s entry in Nac and Sai’s world will split them apart? Stream premiere episodes of Almost Sufal Sampoorna with the ZEE5 Club Pack and find out!

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