Almost Sufal Sampoorna Promo: Nachiket To Tell Appa That He Loves Sai?

We have seen how Nachiket and Sai have grown closer over time, but is it time to tell Appa the truth about their relationship?

Ankita Tiwari

September 7, 2020


2 min


In the Zee Yuva show Almost Sufal Sampoorna, the heaven of romance is about to collapse! Sai (Gauri Kulkarni) and Nachiket (Nikhil Damle) just had a bump in their relationship. A beautiful bump named Kadambari (Pooja Birari). Kaddy is Nac’s friend from Australia. She has arrived in a foreign exchange program. Kaddy has finally found out the truth about Nachiket and Sai’s secret relationship. The relationship was a highly hidden secret and was known by only Diggs, Richa, Sai, and Nachiket! Now Kaddy is in some mood to have fun and play a prank. She is trying to tell Sai that she will leak the information to Appa and this has terrified Sai to no lengths!

Watch the thrill of this prank below!

But out of this prank, Nachiket has derived an idea. He tells Sai that he is tired and annoyed by these secret dates. He tells her that he wants the relationship to be out in the open and does not want to hide. And therefore, he will be telling everything to Appa. He says that one day they have to reveal the truth to Appa so why not now? But poor Sai is scared out of her wits!

What will happen next? To know you have to stream Almost Sufal Sampoorna on Zee Yuva and ZEE5!

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