Almost Sufal Sampoorna: 4 Traits Of The Ketkars That All Indian Families Will Relate To

From celebrating festivals together to pranking one another–here are qualities of the Ketkar family that you’ll be able to relate to!

Neel Raju Nalawade

July 25, 2020

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The Ketkar family from Almost Sufal Sampoorna has all the qualities that one can expect from a typical Indian family. We have seen how these lovely bunch of people share a deep connection with one other. Somedays, they indulge in crazy fights while on other days, we see them having fun and spending quality time with each other. The Ketkar family strongly believes in following Indian values and culture. They are very proud of Maharashtrian traditions and religiously celebrate all the festivals in a grand manner. The members of this family are unique because of their qualities and nature. We are sure that even your family must be having some of the traits possessed by the Ketkar family. Below are some qualities of the Ketkars, which all Indian families can relate to!

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1. They Stand By Each Other Through Thick And Thin

almost Sufal Sampoorna
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No doubt that the Ketkars argue over petty issues but when trouble comes knocking on their doors, they all unite and face the storm together. We have seen the Ketkars facing many problems in their business. Be it the Jholkar scam, Zanzane Bai rejecting their consignment or them meeting the huge requirements by the exporters, the family overcame it all by supporting each other. This quality of the Ketkars is worth praising and we are sure that even your family sticks together through difficult times, leaving all the grudges aside.

2. The Generation Gap 

Sai and Appa from Almost Sufal Sampoorna
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Well, generation gaps can be found in every household and the Ketkar family is a perfect example of it. The family has a stubborn and strict grandfather-Appa-who prefers to follow old and orthodox methods of leading life and business. What bothers the other members is that Appa imposes his meaningless principles and old ideologies on them. This makes the old man quite irritable. However, the family also has a loving grandmother, Ajji. Though she too has an orthodox mindset, she is always willing to adapt to the ways of the younger generation. Every Indian family definitely has one member who believes in superstitions, old ideologies and makes sure everyone follows them without any questions! Agreed?

3. The Grand Celebrations

Ketkar family from Almost Sufal Sampoorna
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It’s said that festivals are celebrated to bring the families together. The Ketkars are strong followers of the Maharashtrian culture. They make sure that each Maharashtrian festival is celebrated with equal grandeur and enthusiasm. We have seen them dressed in traditional clothes and following all the customs and rituals in a proper manner. We are sure that this must have made you remember the grand family celebrations where relatives, friends and close ones come together and have a blast, right? This is the speciality of every Indian family- they take their festivals very seriously. Agree?

4. Taunting, Pranking, And Teasing

Ajji and Appa from Almost Sufal Sampoorna
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No family is complete without the funny taunts, irritating teases, and mischievous pranks. In the Ketkar family, we have seen how Ajji taunts and makes fun of Appa every now and then, just to rile him up and enjoy the show. The family is packed with madness and they enjoy cherishing simple moments together. Even your family must be experiencing all these crazy things once in a while for sure! What say?

What other qualities of the Ketkar family can you relate to? Let us know in the comments below!

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