Agga Bai Sasubai: With Soham taking over Abhijit’s business, here are a few things that can go wrong at work

Soham has now taken over Abhijit’s entire business and is failing miserably to keep it up and running, here are 5 things that can go wrong for him

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November 27, 2020



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We love Agga Bai Sasubai as it never fails to keep the viewers entertained with its engrossing storyline. The recent few episodes showcased quite the drama with Abhijit and Asawari departing their home following a fiery encounter between Soham and Abhijit. He has now taken over Abhijit’s entire business and is failing miserably to keep it up and running. We would honestly be surprised if he manages to run it half as successfully as Abhijit because he has got no skills or talent needed to keep up with a business as vast as this.

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Here is a list of things that can go wrong at work now that Soham has assumed control over Abhijit’s business:

1. The staff might leave

Soham has no etiquette or manners on how to speak with staff members. He is arrogant and keeps breathing down their neck for very small things. He does not respect them and treats them really badly. If he keeps up with this kind of behavior, the staff members might quit working for him.

2. Soham might fail to make good financial decisions 

Soham on many occasions has made very bad decisions when it comes to money. His greed for becoming super-wealthy has often led him down the wrong path and that has resulted in a huge loss of money. He is just greedy but does not really value money which is why we think that his poor financial decisions might incur a huge loss for his business.

3. Customers dissatisfaction  

Soham not only does to know how to handle his staff, but he also cannot manage his customers. Due to the lack of his hospitality skills, Soham might lose out on a lot of customers who previously used to come because of Abhijit’s culinary and hospitality.

4. Business Takeover 

Soham is synonymous with making bad decisions and can be manipulated easily. It is possible that Soham realizes he is not capable of handling Abhijit’s business and might sell it all off to someone who manipulates him into doing so.

5. Family dispute might never get solved

The longer Soham keeps controlling Abhijit’s business, the harder it gets for Shubhra to unite their family, and if  Soham’s stupidity ruins the business completely, it is possible that Asawari and Abhijit might never come back in his life.

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