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After Getting Ousted From Dostana 2, Kartik Aaryan Shares Why He Isn’t Affected By Negativity


November 17, 2021

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Kartik Aaryan reveals that he does not get affected by negative stories, but feels sad about his family being affected by the speculations. Here’s what all he has to say

Kartik Aaryan who has always been appreciated by all the fans for his outstanding acting and killer looks was recently in the news for his replacement in Dostana 2, post-shooting a few scenes in the movie. During the promotions of his upcoming digital film, Kartik Aaryan addressed that his emotions on the adverse press that officially follows him. The actor reveals that he needs to have a conversation with her mother and need to explain to her all the situations which affect her. The most unpleasant report about Kartik Aaryan that arose was when he was fired from Dostana 2 due to his incompatibility.

After Kartik had already completed certain portions, producer Karan Johar announced that the film, which also stars Janhvi Kapoor, would be recast. The official reasoning for the recasting was described as “Creative disagreements.”

In an interview with one of the reporters, Kartik was asked if he was upset by the unfavorable headlines about himself. He exclaimed that he often wonders how he is often concerned for his family, who are not even a part of this Hindi film industry. The actor emphasized focusing on his task no matter what. He added that the concern for his family makes him anxious and he is worried about their safety. The actor wants his work to be known in the industry, and he is quite confident about that. The actor talks about improving himself consistently.

The actor revealed that he had taken jobs for the money. He also exclaimed that his work ethic had never been affected. He also revealed that he had chosen money when he did not have it. But the actor portrayed and performed all his roles with all of his best capabilities. He revealed that his choices would have changed if he had been provided with many other options. The actor believes that it’s not about someone’s health, it’s about the requirements. Adding to that, the actor revealed he is currently in that position in his life where he can make his own decisions and is very picky about them as well.

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Kartik will next be seen blowing audience minds with his outstanding performance in a soon-to-be-released dramatic digital thriller film. In the film, which was shot during the pandemic, Kartik plays a news anchor caught in a moral dilemma.

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