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Adarsh Gourav Shows His Gratitude To Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone And Other Actors; Says They Opened Avenues For Others In Hollywood


December 2, 2021

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Adarsh Gourav who has featured in several films in Bollywood as well as Hollywood recently spilled beans on what paved his way in the films. He also went on to show gratitude to renowned stars and opened up about talent exposure

Whoever has seen Adarsh Gourav’s digital film may certainly agree that the actor’s performance was excellent and should not be overlooked. Since then, the actor has been an instant sensation, receiving widespread acclaim from both fans and critics. Well, the artist has several fascinating projects lined up, and his calendar is said to be jam-packed. He just shot for a digital show in New York and is pleased at the opportunity to work alongside Hollywood’s biggest personalities, like Meryl Streep, Kit Harington, and David Schwimmer.

Adarsh Gourav will appear in Scott Z Burns’ digital show, and he is thrilled to have gotten such a major break so early in his career. When it comes to opportunities, Adarsh told a leading daily that he is well aware that he is receiving them only because many Bollywood actors have gone before him and put in a lot of effort. He said that Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone, Anupam Kher, and the deceased Irrfan have all been in Hollywood films. According to Gourav, the partnership among both east and the west involves exposing actors to worldwide audiences.

Adarsh Gourav appreciates Indian artists for putting in the effort and paving the road for new actors like him on the world stage. As more actors appear in international projects, the borders are blurring. It’s an exciting moment for him to be able to secure collaborations that will allow him to better utilise the actor’s abilities. Every day, he is glad for this chance.

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The actor also stated that he enjoys meeting new people and is always on the hunt for filmmakers. His prerequisite for accepting assignments is that they must thrill him and allow him to engage with the tale on some level. Since if anyone is going to go through the motions of playing a character, it’s better if it’s someone you’ve never played before, because it’ll be more fulfilling.

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