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Abhimaan, Raagini: Best Bengali movies to watch this Daughters Day 2020 on ZEE5


September 25, 2020

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We got you a list of films which you will enjoy watching greatly with your daughters!

This Daughters Day 2020 is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the precious bond with your daughter or parents! Daughters are to be treasured, and their hopes and dreams to be encouraged and supported, so that our society can evolve and make the progress that would take it to far greater heights. So cherish your daughters and spend some quality time with them in honour of this special day. And what better way to do this than to kick back on the sofa with some snacks, and watch these entertaining films? So make this Sunday special and enjoy!

1. Abhimaan

Abhimaan is a 2016 Bengali action drama film starring Jeet, Subhashree Ganguly, and Sayantika Banerjee. Ashok, a wealthy businessman, disowns his daughter, Madhuja, when she gets married against his will. Years later, he regrets his decision and wants to mend his relationship with her. He seeks the help of his grandson, Aditya. He disguises himself as a chauffeur and has quite the adventure! Will he succeed in convincing Madhuja to reconcile things with her father?

2. Raagini

Raagini is a 2017 Bengali family drama film starring Anjana Basu, Ujani Dasgupta, Somraj Maity, and Bhaswar Chatterjee in the lead. The story is of a mother who was unable to fulfil her dream of becoming a singer, so she prepared her daughter to become one. By a stroke of ill fate, they both get separated while the daughter is still young. When the daughter grows up, she sets out to search for her mother. Will her voice reach her mother?

3. Bhorer Allo

Bhorer Allo is a 2011 Bengali romantic comedy suspense film starring Rituparna Sengupta, Priyanshu Chatterjee, Rohit Roy, and Anusmriti Sarkar. Arunabha, a middle-aged man lives with his daughter Rinka and his sisters, Srimati and Payel. In a sudden turn of events, one of his sisters unknowingly commits a crime that changes the life of her loved ones. Will the family be able to hold up and survive this?

4. Amoler Cabin

Amoler Cabin is a 2016 Bengali comedy-drama film starring Sujan Mukherjee, Maitrayee Banerjee, Manali Dey and Anindya Chatterjee. The story revolves around an overprotective father who is concerned about finding a suitable groom for his daughter, and at the same time, unhappy with his son’s choice of the bride! Will this father manage to get the best for his children?

Which of these movies did you enjoy the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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