A Video of a Man Sitting Amidst Enormous Snakes Goes Viral On Social Media

Have you watched the video of this man sitting in the middle of massive snakes seeming absolutely unbothered?

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

February 12, 2021

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The thought of being surrounded by a large number of open dangerous animals or reptiles is extremely scary. Most people would describe it as their worst nightmare. So recently when the world watched this video of a man sitting in the middle of countless massive snakes, it took them no time in making it go viral. Despite being an older video, it recently resurfaced and went viral when a Twitter user reshared it on their page.

Watch the video here:

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A rather scary video of a man casually relaxing amidst a bunch of gigantic snakes recently took the internet by a storm. The visual of it is almost unbelievable and could send chills down your spine. In the video, a man named Jay Brewer was seen sitting in a somewhat dingy spot while the multi-coloured reptiles surrounded him from all sides. While the snakes slowly slithered around him in nature, Brewer spoke to the camera thanking people for supporting him by following the social media account of his zoo. The scarier part of the video arrives halfway into it when a bunch of snakes suddenly fall off an edge onto Brewer’s head and an already submerged-under-snakes body of his. Several people were shocked at that occurrence but Jay seemed completely unbothered to everyone’s surprise.

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On February 3, 2021, a Twitter account reshared the video that was originally posted back in 2019 by The Reptile Zoo which is based in California. The horrifying visuals of the video helped with how quickly it started making rounds on the internet. In the caption, the account which reshared the video asked if anyone could spend an hour sitting in Jay Brewer’s spot for fifty million dollars. The Tweet now has over three lakh sixty-nine thousand views on the social media platform. While thousands of people have reshared and liked the video, there are endless comments on the tweet about how petrifying it is for them to think of being in Jay Brewer’s position.

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