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7 Characters From Animated Shows Like Bapu And Robin Hood Who Will Impart Some Wisdom In Your Kids

Shrudi Shyam

May 18, 2021

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Ganesha, Bapu, Robin or Pinocchio, these ZEE5 animated characters have their own unique way of imparting wisdom to your kids. Read on to know more.

Animated shows and cartoon characters are meant to entertain kids and adults alike. But that doesn’t mean they can’t hold a deeper meaning or impart wisdom. While some animated shows and movies are meant purely for fun, some leave a mark on your kids and teach them valuable lessons in life. Here’s a list of our favourite characters from ZEE5 Kids shows and movies that impart wisdom to your kids throughout their stories and you can definitely watch them during the summer holidays.

Ganesha (Love U Ganesha)

When it comes to wisdom, who better than Ganesha to give us some valuable life lessons? In Love U Ganesha, our dearest Ganesha appears in the life of a fifth-grader, Chintu, and instead of showing him shortcuts, makes him work smarter and harder to achieve his goals. Now, isn’t that something we all want to teach our kids? That hard work is the only way to succeed.

Love U Ganesha
Source: ZEE5

Bapu (Bapu)

Inspired by the age-old lessons given by our very own Mahatma Gandhi is the ZEE5 Animated show, Bapu. In this, Bapu, the wise elder, along with his three monkeys, teaches the mischievous kids of Bharat Nagar some interesting life lessons.

Source: ZEE5

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Krishna (Mahabharat)

Krishna has given a lot of great advice and wise suggestions to Arjun and others throughout the epic story of Mahabharat. He’s the one who not just taught the characters of Mahabharat but the whole world about Dharm, Adharm and more. Now, if you can teach all those to your kids through a fun animated movie, could it get any better?

Source: ZEE5

Robin (Robin Hood)

Robin from the animated show, Robin Hood, inspires the young lot with his bravery and dedication. He is smart, wise and always thinks about his people first. Robin doesn’t even hesitate to team up with a group of bandits to fight a true oppressor, Alwyn, the Baron of Nottingham.

Robin Hood
Source: ZEE5

Ram (Ramayana)

Ram from Ramayana is not considered an ideal man for just many reasons. The way he patiently deals with everything doesn’t hold grudges against Kaikeyi or his father and loves everyone dearly are clearly some values we all want in our kids.

Source: ZEE5

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Chota Buddha (Chota Buddha)

Chota Buddha‘s character from the show with the same name is inspired by the famous Buddha Monk in Buddhism. He is a fun, chirpy boy, who finds solutions to all his problems with his crazy antics. Chota Buddha teaches values such as self-love while trying to be a better version of ourselves, being open to suggestions and criticisms, among others.

Chota Buddha
Source: ZEE5

Pinocchio (Welcome Back Pinocchio)

Who doesn’t know the wooden boy Pinocchio, whose nose became longer as long as he keeps lying? Welcome Back Pinocchio is a sequel to that story. Pinocchio who is finally a human boy and has grown up to become a good kid gets tricked into stealing and ends up turning into wood again. He then persistently tries to rectify his mistake. Pinocchio shows that it’s okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from them. He also shows how bad deeds always have consequences.

Welcome Back Pinocchio
Source: ZEE5

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