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6 Real-Life Stories Where Culprits Committed Crimes Against Their Ex-Lovers, Much Like Vasuki From Raat Baaki Hai

Debanjali Kabiraj

April 26, 2021

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Here are some real-life incidents where ex-lovers committed crimes in a fit of rage.

ZEE5’s original film Raat Baaki Hai revolves around two ex-lovers Vasuki (Paoli Dam) and Kartik (Annup Sonii) and the murder of Kartik’s fiancée. Kartik is running from the cops as he is one of the prime suspects and on his way comes across Vasuki. Later its is revealed that it was Vasuki who killed Kartik’s fiancée and pinned the blame on him. While this may sound so filmy, it’s not really! We came across many real-life cases where ex-lovers just like Vasuki have committed crimes in a fit of rage.

Interestingly, an NCRB report shows that murder due to love affair has increased by 28% between 2001 and 2017. In states like Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Punjab and Maharashtra statistics show that love affair has been one of the prime motives of the crime. Love triangles and illicit affairs are major reasons for these criminal activities and denying their existence completely would be factually incorrect. To elaborate on the same, here are some of the incidents when culprits committed crimes against their ex-lovers.

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Man stabs ex-girlfriend to death

In a horrific incident in Gujarat in 2020, a man stabbed his ex-girlfriend numerous times which ultimately lead to her demise. The culprit Sanjay Pravin stabbed his ex-girlfriend numerous times as she bled to death. Sanjay committed the crime because he was angry at the woman for leaving him and being in a relationship with another man. Sanjay remained seated beside the dead body after committing the crime.

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Man murders ex-girlfriend after a breakup

In April 2020, a man killed his ex-lover when she refused to get back in a relationship with him in Goa. The 19-year-old girl was killed by her ex-boyfriend Mansoor Hussain in Goa’s Usgao area. The girl went out to visit a hospital but did not return home. Her family registered a missing complaint in the nearby police station. Later the body of the girl was found in a cashew field. The man was later arrested by the police for his crime.

Vasuki in Ratt Baaki Hai
Source: ZEE5

Man open fires at ex-lover’s house

In September 2020, a man called Sumit Tomar open fired at his ex-girlfriend’s house when she refused to be in a relationship with him. The incident took place in Sarita Vihar in New Delhi and the man was arrested by the police for the crime. Sumit and the woman were in a relationship for a long time but were not able to get married for certain reasons. When the woman’s marriage was fixed, Sumit started pressurizing him and then he open fired at her house.

Man strangles ex-girlfriend to death

In December 2020 in another horrific incident, a 19-year-old woman was killed by her ex-lover because she got into a relationship with another man. The woman Snehalata was missing for some time and then her corpse was found in an isolated field. She was strangled to death and her body was set on fire by the culprit. The victim was an employee of the State Bank of India.

Vasuki and Kartik in Raat Baaki Hai
Source: ZEE5

Man posts intimate photos of an ex-lover

In March of 2021, a man in Hyderabad posted intimate photos of his ex-girlfriend on different social media platforms. The culprit did so after the couple broke up after an eight months relationship. Although the girl wrote to the social media platforms to help her, she did not get any response so her mother approached the High Court and the man was ordered to be arrested.

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Woman throws acid at ex-boyfriend

In 2017, a woman in Guntur threw acid at her ex-lover for marrying another woman and ending their relationship. The man was severely burnt by the acid and died in a hospital while getting treated for his wounds.

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