5-year-old Girl Dies Of Thirst And Dehydration In A Rajasthan Desert

A toddler died of thirst in Rajasthan as her grandmother laid unconscious beside her.

Shrudi Shyam

June 14, 2021

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With every passing day, the world is witnessing one death after the other. While many are losing their battles with the ongoing pandemic, some are succumbing to other reasons. In one such shocking news, the nation witnessed a 5-year-old girl’s death in a desert in Rajasthan. She died due to thirst and dehydration. Besides her laid her unconscious grandmother who was later rescued by a shepherd and some district officials.

This unfortunate incident happened in the middle of the hot sand dunes in Raniwada in Rajasthan’s Jalore district. According to Raniwada Station House Officer, Padma Ram, the incident happened when the 60-year-old Sukhi, along with her granddaughter decided to cover the distance of around 15Kms by walking through the desert. “The two made the mistake of not carrying water, and choosing to walk through the desert,” said Padma Ram.

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According to the officials, the duo covered a distance of around 7Kms when the heat started showing its effect. Both of them would’ve felt thirsty, but couldn’t find water around as the region was uninhabited. That’s when they suffered a heat stroke and lost consciousness. While the grandmother Sukhi, somehow managed to stay alive even if unconscious, till help arrived, the toddler didn’t have the same fate. The 5-year-old couldn’t take the heatstroke and hence died of thirst and dehydration.

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A shepherd saw them lying in the middle of the sand dunes and informed the local village chief, who then informed the district officials. By the time they reached there, the little girl had already succumbed. Her grandmother, however, was admitted to the hospital. Sukhi lived alone with the 5-year-old after the latter’s mother ran away to get married for the second time. Currently, the authorities are trying their best to rehabilitate the grandmother with some other relatives.

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