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5 Times Amma From Tujhse Hai Raabta Was Like ‘An Evil Witch From A Fairy Tale’ in Mukku’s Life

Tanvi Dhote

January 16, 2021

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Amma has been a gloomy cloud in Mukku and Kalyani’s life. She wants to seek revenge from everybody and keep Mukku away from Kalyani. Amma does not miss out on a single chance to do so.

ZEE TV’s Tujhse Hai Raabta has reached to an interesting point. Mukku’s life is taking a drastic turn. Kalyani and Malhar’s love for Mukku is also being tested. But while Kalyani has formed a close bond with Mukku, Amma is a major hindrance. Amma wants to make sure that Kalyani’s closeness with Mukku does not progress further. Amma is no less than an evil witch in Mukku’s life. There are several instances in Tujhse Hai Raabta that can support these claims.

1. When Amma takes Mukku to an NGO

Amma a.k.a. Aparna lies to everybody and tells them that she is getting Mukku admitted to a school. But in reality, she takes Mukku to an NGO. This lie keeps everybody unaware about Mukku’s bad circumstances in this NGO. Mukku herself is unhappy for being away from Kalyani a.k.a. her “Achi wali aunty”.

2. When Mukku suffers at the NGO

As mentioned earlier, Amma cheats everybody and gets Mukku admitted at an NGO. But at the NGO Mukku is treated very badly. She is made to chop onions and other vegetables. Apart from the horrible living conditions, the store room where Mukku is placed catches fire. This endangers Mukku’s life.

3. Amma changes Mukku’s clothes

Amma wants to make sure at every step that Mukku’s real identity is not revealed. So when Mukku’s wets her bed, Kalyani plans to change her clothes. But Amma switches the main electric supply off and Kalyani goes to the kitchen to get a candle. Amma steps out and changes Mukku’s clothes.

4. When Amma tries to run away with Mukku

Kalyani tries everything to find Moksh when she realises he is with Aparna. When Aparna overhears Kalyani and Malhar’s conversation she rushes back to her house. She plans to flee the city with Mukku and hide her away once again.

5. When Amma denies Kalyani’s request

As mentioned earlier, Amma wants to continue hiding Mukku’s true identity. So when Kalyani announces that she wants to adopt Mukku, Amma turns down her request. Amma does not want Kalyani to know that Mukku is a boy and not a girl. If she agrees to Kalyani’s request she will soon get to know the truth.

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