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5 Reasons Why We Think Raat Baaki Hai Will Resemble The Chilling Experience Of David Fincher Films!

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April 15, 2021

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Over the years, David Fincher has crafted a distinct style when it comes to thriller movies. And here’s why ZEE5’s upcoming film Raat Baaki Hai is making us recall the mysteriously exquisite films of Fincher.

The Fincher-Esque storytelling has been an important aspect of modern age cinema. Filmmaker David Fincher has completely redefined the thriller genre with appealing visuals and intriguing storylines. While the director has delivered a plethora of exciting thrillers, undoubtedly, his filmography has been a film school for many. Saying so, there have been many filmmakers who have tried their hand in delivering a thriller the ‘Fincher’ way. However, not everyone could live up to the notions of David Fincher films. But it seems that ZEE5’s upcoming original film Raat Baaki Hai has managed to pull off the impossible.

The trailer of Raat Baaki Hai has given us ample chills as we are eagerly waiting for its release. The film revolves around a writer Kartik who gets accused of his wife Vaani’s death. Further his unison with his ex-lover Vasuki fuels this murder mystery, unfolding unexpected twists. Intriguing, isn’t it? As of now, the film has made headlines due to its uncanny similarities with Gone Girl. Well, there are many more aspects of Raat Baaki Hai that have got everyone excited.

So, ahead of its release, here’s taking a look at five reasons why Raat Baaki Hai is reminding us of David Fincher movies.

The Last-Minute Twist!

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Every David Fincher film is laden with ample twists and turns. However, the last-minute surprise in every Fincher story is what we eagerly wait for. And never did he disappoint us with that climax shocker. And going by the trailer of Raat Baaki Hai, we can figure out that the film is a package full of surprises. Set amidst a murder investigation, the last-minute revelation in Raat Baaki Hai will be the major highlight of the film.

Strong Female Characters

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Through his compelling and visually appealing dramas, David Fincher is widely known for creating some strong female characters. While some of them tackled great problems, the others were full of surprises. Similarly, Raat Baaki Hai will be prominently based upon its extraordinary female leads. Paoli Dam’s character of Vasuki is one of them to root for!

Her character has been compared to Gone Girl’s Amy Dunne and hence fans are quite intriguing to see Vasuki’s mysterious side. And this notion of femininity through Vasuki’s character is another reason why Raat Baaki Hai reminds us of the Fincher cinema.

A Restless Protagonist

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While Fincher has given some well-written female characters, his films portray broken male characters. And these heroes struggle to sustain control over their lives and fortunes. Going on similar lines, Raat Baaki Hai has Annup Sonii’s Kartik in the spotlight. A writer by profession, Kartik is the restless protagonist of the story who gets entangled in a murder case.

The story revolves around Kartik’s life while he deals with the dilemma of his wife’s tragic death and the return of his ex-lover Vasuki.

A Puzzled Plot!

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Every David Fincher film is no less than a puzzle for the audience. While the director has the capability to hijack our eyes, the atmosphere he creates through his story is enthralling. Raat Baaki Hai also has a perfectly even mystery at its heart. This puzzled storyline captures the themes of love, betrayal, and insecurities.

Essaying these relevant themes, the conflict in Raat Baaki Hai ensues following a murder investigation. So, there are two sides of the story, one that revolves around a murder mystery and the other one of the characters’ past stories. Another aspect why we are rooting for the upcoming film.

Visual-Based Storytelling

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While most Indian films are narrative-oriented, the visuals have become a new element in modern storytelling. However, most of the David Fincher films have always been visually striking. And following this interesting cinematic element, Raat Baaki Hai also has breathtaking visuals. And a certain part of the story will be conveyed through visuals rather than spoonfed through dialogues.

Raat Baaki Hai will be premiering exclusively on ZEE5 from April 16, 2021.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.


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