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5 Reasons Why We All Need An Appaji From Paaru In Our Life


October 27, 2020

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Appaji makes for an ideal role model in everyone’s life. Here are five reasons why!

Appaji from Paaru, who is Parmeshwara’s father, is the ultimate person that you need in your life. He’s not just the oldest member in the family but also just the kind of friend, that you can always count on.

Here’s why!

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He’s Wise

Appaji from Paaru is Parmeshwara’s father. He is the oldest member of the family and is also the wisest of them all because of his life experiences. When Parmeshwara loses his cool regarding Akhila and Raghu coming into their house, Appaji tells him that their side to the story must be heard instead of them making assumptions. While Adi and Paaru do not know what caused a rift between the two families, Appaji tells Akhila as well as his son that they must communicate with each other to discuss the problems that they have had with each other.

He Keeps Parmeshwara’s Behaviour In Check

Parmeshwara can be very aggressive and stubborn, to an extent where no one can control him. However, as a father, Appaji is able to keep his son grounded and point out the mistakes that he makes. Parmeshwara is overwhelmed with emotions when he discovers that the farmers of the village are committing suicide because of experiencing losses. He decides to sell his own property in order to improve their situation when Appaji tells him that he has a daughter that he needs to get married and cannot afford to sell his property which is a lifetime’s saving.

He Has A Friendly Nature

Even though Appaji is the oldest in the house, he treats everyone as his friend and is of a very friendly nature. His warm nature is also what helps the children in the house express their feelings to him openly. He also makes sure that everyone has a good time when Akhila and Raghu visit the house. They all eat together and spend some quality time.

Appaji has a fun time with the family
Appaji has a fun time with the family

He Supports Preethu And Janani

Akhila and Raghu tell Appaji about Preethu and Janani. He instantly agrees to bring the two lovebirds together. He also tells them that now is not the right time to tell Parmeshwara about the same. He is also happy about the fact that Janani has found the right partner to marry and blesses the two with a happy life together.

He Is A Great Guide

As Appaji is the oldest in the family, he always guides the ones who are younger to him. Be it Parmeshwara or even the little girl in the family, he is always showing them the right path. He also tells Akhila and Raghu that the two must be patient as the situation with Parmeshwara is a little sensitive. When Paaru and Adi get thrown out of Parmeshwara’s house, he teaches them how to deal with a person as complex as Parmeshwara.

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