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5 Key Similarities Between Ratris Khel Chale’s Shevanta And Yeu Kashi Tashi Me Nandayla’s Malavika That We Can’t Overlook!

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May 2, 2021

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Irrespective of the show’s storyline, Ratris Khel Chale’s Shevanta and Yeu Kashi Tashi Me Nandayla’s Malavika share some common character traits. These characteristics set them apart from the contemporary TV vamps.

Most television shows overlook ‘detailed’ characters while emphasizing their narrative. And that’s one of the reasons why the audience couldn’t connect to the story. However, with the new wave hitting television, there have been quality shows with a plethora of well-defined characters. Similarly, Zee Marathi has treated the viewers with many interesting characters who ultimately became the soul of the story. Also, the audiences have found themselves completely invested in the stories of these fictitious persons.

While many characters evolve throughout the episodic saga, a few others become instant favourites of the masses. Ratris Khel Chale’s Shevanta belongs to the same league. And the threequel of the show has yet again got the viewers vibing over this fictional yet charming personality. Also, another interesting aspect is that Yeu Kashi Tashi Me Nandayla’s Malavika seems to have similar character traits as that of Shevanta. And this interesting ‘art parallel’ is something we can’t overlook.

So, here’s taking a look at 5 key characteristics that Shevanta and Malavika have in common.

A Traumatic Past

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Though Shevanta and Malavika are primarily characterized by their devious minds, they both deal with their traumatic past. While Shevanta was driven by guilt after her husband’s death, Malavika resents her mother for being a biased parent during her childhood. And that’s what justifies these characters and their actions. Shevanta tried her best to seek revenge from the Naiks, while on the other hand, Malavika continues to be a troublemaker for her mother Shaku.

Both Shevanta and Malavika are driven by their tragic past. And that’s why they are among the most well-defined characters on television.

Spunkiness At Its Best

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When it comes to being bold, there’s no one better than Shevanta and Malavika. These fictitious personas are high on their charming and bold personalities. While the whole village was scared of Anna Naik, Shevanta fought against him all alone. Shevanta had her reasons to fight against the Naiks. But, on the other side, Malavika’s acts have been quite immoral.

Yet, this is one of the characteristics they both share. And that’s a vital highlight about their personalities.

Troubled Love Life

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Shevanta’s love interest Anna Naik was a male chauvinist. His amorous affairs and devious acts were not hidden from the world. However, Shevanta fell head over heels in love with Anna and that’s where the chaos began. While Anna went on with the relationship just as his other affair, Shevanta had different plans. Ultimately, her life turned topsy-turvy due to her troubled love life.

On the other hand, Malavika’s live-in relationship with Rocky has been a unique one on television. While Rocky seems completely invested, Malavika is quite busy with her inhumane acts. Though she loves Rocky, her egoistic personality has created troubles in her love life.

Thirst Of Being The ‘Family Woman’

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Malavika’s commanding personality gives her hold of the Khanvilkar family. Despite her strict rules and beliefs, the Khanvilkars are free-spirited behind her back. Also, with Sweetu entering their lives, Malavika has become no less than a troublemaker for the family. She tries to be the ‘family woman’ but fails miserably.

Similarly, Shevanta tried her best to be a responsible and dutiful family woman. However, her self-centered husband always ended up criticizing her. Also, when she was in a relationship with Anna, she had the thirst of being the ‘Sunbai’ of the Naik house. Unfortunately, that became the biggest mistake of her life.

A Sympathetic Anti-Hero

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Despite their devious acts and infamous personalities, Shevanta and Malavika are the most intriguing anti-heroes of television. Moreover, they are the pioneers of sympathetic vamps on the small screen. Considering their tragic past, problematic relationships, and the solitude they live in, both Shevanta and Malavika have emerged as favourite anti-heroes on television.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.

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