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5 Fun Experiments To Try At Home With Your Kids This Summer Vacation

Mahima Maniar

May 7, 2021

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Enjoy some bonding time with your kids with these easy DIY experiments.

Who said that skill development of children can only be possible outside? In these trying times, ZEE5 becomes the ultimate learning destination for your kids. Now, you can watch a horde of shows to churn out something exciting and adventurous for your kids. With ZEE5’s #HarTarahSeChampionBano, tune into shows like The Art Room, Engineer This! and Science With Brain Café to boost your child’s morale and wing his/her creativity.

Watch an episode of Science With Brain Cafe here:

Learn How To Prepare A Tent

Source: ZEE5

Miss going out summer camping with your kid? Watch this video to know how to make tents, and have a little camp at your own home. Only with a bed sheet and a few sticks, you can produce a tent. The measurements might be a little tricky, but one can always take the help of their parents. If anything, the presence of the adorable labrador Scooby will surely make you go aww!

Learn How To Make A Guitar

Source: ZEE5

What looks like a hardware store is actually a room where many experiments are done! The host of the show, Shaurya Rastogi, makes use of discarded items and puts them to their best use. Let the adults do the sawing while the children can enjoy painting and styling their desired instrument. After all, kids learn from their parents! Surely they will appreciate the amazing mechanic their father is.

The Science Of Sound

Source: ZEE5

Science is not as boring as you think. It can be made interesting with fun experimentations. Science with Brain Cafe is the perfect hangout place to learn about the concepts of Science. Since sound has vibrations, one can hear from one paper cup to the other, attached with a string, as voice travels through sound waves, making it an exciting opportunity for kids to try this.

Magical World Of Lights And Mirrors

Source: ZEE5

Children between the age group of 8 to 14 years can learn about the interesting laws of science. Like when light is distorted into seven different colours, it forms the VIBGYOR. The exciting neon lights and how they shine in darkness creates an impact on the curious kids. The hosts further go on to explain the difference between primary and secondary colours. They also explain how the position of mirrors can distort an object.

Know-How Of Magnets

Source: ZEE5

A perfect blend of knowledge, information and entertainment, the show explains concepts in the simplest manner. Hosts Rakesh Bedi and Shakti Arora’s comic timings make the children attending the show both laugh and learn. Information on magnets, its repulsion and attractive property is something that even human beings experience when they jump as they are immediately attracted to the earth and land softly.

Apart from knowledge gained from books, these are certain hands-on experiments which can prove useful for the children. Keep you kids occupied with more such content, available only on ZEE5.

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