5 epic performances from Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2020 that you do not want to miss!

These performances from India’s favourite musical reality show will leave you stunned!


October 22, 2020


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Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, the best musical reality show on TV, is back with its latest 2020 season on ZEE5! It is presented by the charming actor Abir Chatterjee, who starred in the great Bengali movie Asur. In Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2020, there is also a panel of very talented judges like Iman Chakraborty and Raghab Chatterjee, who are excellent musicians themselves. Here are some of the best performance on Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2020 that you need to watch right now!

1. Debroop’s magic

Debroop Raha from Siliguri delivers a beautiful performance of the Hindi song Chala Jata Hoon by Kishore Kumar. He will hold you entranced with his electrifying voice and impeccable voice modulations. This is one performance that you will want to watch over and over again.

2. Arpita’s charisma

Arpita Chakraborty from Bankura sings Lal Paharir Deshe Ja, a classic Bengali folk song, and everyone, including the judges, cannot help but be bowled over by her fabulous performance. Arpita is an ace performer, and really knows how to get her audience grooving!

3. Abhishek’s talent

Abhishek Natya from Howrah is a man of many talents! He sings most melodiously while playing the guitar and enthralling everybody. Check out his stunning performance right here.

4. Dibyaman’s finesse

Listen to Dibyaman’s song as he performs a Bengali song in a most soulful and heartrending style. With such diversely talented people on Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2020, you will not experience even a moment of lull!

5. Anushka’s amazing voice

Evidently, Anushka Patra from Kolkata is a seasoned singer! Watch her as she performs a breathtaking Hindi song with skillful modulation and stunning vocal range. Now here’s a performance that will leave its mark on you long after it is finished!

Which of these performances from Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2020 did you enjoy the most? Tell us in the comments below!

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