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2 years of Jersey: 9 moments that make this Nani and Shraddha Srinath starrer an ever-memorable one

Bhavna Gandikota

April 22, 2021

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Jersey, starring Nani and Shraddha Srinath, completes two years and here’s what makes this Telugu film a classic!

Jersey starring Nani, Shraddha Srinath, Sathyaraj, and various notable artistes, is still fresh in our minds although it has been two years since the movie’s release. Jersey is a classic that you would want to revisit at any point in time. Some moments in the movie are gems that have carved themselves in our minds and here are a few of them!

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1) When Arjun expresses his happiness by shouting in the railway station 

This is certainly the first scene from the movie that comes to our minds when we think of the movie. Arjun finally made it to the team and this was no small moment for him. The movie carries a realistic tone all along. Hence, shouting in front of everyone was not an option for Arjun, which is why he drove to the nearest railway station and waited for a train to pass so that he could scream express his happiness.

Nani in Jersey
Source: ZEE5

2) When Nani acts like his father’s name in the newspaper is not a big deal

The fact that Nani was the reason why Arjun was in the field again is heartwarming enough. To top all of it, every time Arjun’s name was in the newspaper, it made Nani feel like he was on cloud nine! After a point when this became common, he pretended in front of his friends like it was no big deal, and turned away so he could smile. This moment showed us that he would never stop being proud of his father.

3)  When Nani gets his Indian jersey after years

Twenty-three years after asking his father for a jersey of the Indian team, Nani gets it with his father’s name on it. You are certainly lying if you say that you did not shed a tear or two for this scene! A father’s quest to fulfil his child’s wish even after his demise is certainly one of the most heart-touching things.

Harish Kalyan in Jersey
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4) When coach Murthy tells Arjun that he won’t go anywhere without discipline

When Arjun disappears for a few minutes while he was on the batting line-up, coach Murthy tells him that he has seen several people as talented as him but without discipline, he would go nowhere. The scene proves that coach Murthy did everything a father would do for Arjun, as he praised him behind his back and was harsh with him when he was around.

5) When coach Murthy tells him that he will always believe in Arjun

When Arjun was going through a phase of self-doubt, coach Murthy tells him that Arjun does not have to ask Murthy to believe in him. It made us all wish for someone like him, who would believe in you when you don’t have faith in yourself and bring you down to earth when you are overconfident.

Nani and Sathyaraj in Jersey
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6) When the sports shop owner covers up for Arjun

Arjun asks the shop owner if he can pay him for the jersey later since he needs to buy it for his son. He politely declines it and tells him that he can’t do so, but when Nani comes to the counter to ask him if he bought it, the owner tells him that his size is not available. It makes the characters more realistic since it proves that there are no overly devious and inconsiderate people in his universe.

7) When Arjun tries to steal from his house 

When you catch Arjun steal from Sarah, you somehow feel bad for both of them, and understand what they both are going through. There is no right or wrong in the situation, and this proves how well the story was narrated to us. He needs the money and she has her valid reasons to not give it.

Shraddha Srinath in Jersey
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8) When Arjun refuses to get a fake jersey for Nani

When Arjun’s friend tells him that he can get the same jersey for a lower price, Arjun refused to get a fake jersey for his son which established how much he hated lying to those he loved. He would do anything for those he loved, which is also why he gave up on cricket and settled with a government job.

9) When Sarah books flight tickets for Arjun

Arjun’s death makes his last match even more memorable, and the fact that he could reconcile with his wife just before the match leaves us with a sense of satisfaction because he had not a lot to regret. She was back to being his biggest supporter and his life came a full circle!

Shraddha Srinath and Nani in Jersey
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