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City Police

1h 42m

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City Police is a Tamil dubbed action movie starring Suresh Gopi, Geetha, Sukumari, and P. C. George in the lead roles. Arun, who is falsely implicated in a case and jailed, escapes prison to teach the real culprits a befitting lesson putting the police in-charge in trouble.

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Details about City Police Movie :

Movie Released Date
9 Apr 1993
  • Crime
  • Action
Audio Languages:
  • Tamil
  • Suresh Gopi
  • Geetha
  • Geetha Vijayan
  • Prathapachandran
  • Mahesh
  • Venu B Nair

Keypoints about City Police :

1. Total Movie duration: 1h 42m

2. Audio Languages: Tamil

City Police- An Action Crime Film

City Police is a Tamil-Dubbed movie that follows a story of how a police officer finds himself in danger when a prisoner escapes from jail and goes on a crime spree. The movie's plot features several turns and twists that keep the viewer captivated.

For moviegoers seeking thrills and crime movies, who are in the mood to watch something violent, City Police is a perfect choice. The director of this movie, City Police, is Venu B Nair, and it is produced by Palamuttam Majeed. The screenplay for the film is written by Kaloor Dennis.

City Police Cast

The cast of this action film includes Suresh Gopi as Arun Kumar, Geetha as Dr. Jessy, Sukumari as Sajan Mathew's mother, Mahesh as Jayan, Prathapachandran as DIG, Geetha Vijayan as Maya, Kakka Ravi as Sajan Mathew, Narayanankutty as Narayanankutty along with many other renowned actors.

The Enthralling Plot of City Police

The movie starts with the political leader's son, Jayan (played by Mahesh) assaults and murdering Arun Kumar's sister. Arun, who was imprisoned on bogus evidence, is released when a political leader runs into conflict with another.

Arun is filled with rage and grief over the death of his beloved sister, and he is determined to avenge her death. He stalks the son of the political leader responsible for his sister's death and plots his revenge. He breaks into the politician's home and kills him in cold blood.

Inspector Sajan is hot on Arun's heels and is desperate to apprehend him before he can do any more damage. Arun is able to stay one step ahead of the inspector and continues his killing spree. He targets anyone who has wronged him or his family in the past.

Finally, Arun is cornered in a remote village. The police surround him, but he is determined to go down fighting. He takes a gun and starts shooting at the police officers, but the police can apprehend him. Arun eventually comes to the realisation that what he is doing is wrong and that turning himself in to the police is the best method to bring about change.

City Police Movie Release Date on OTT

City Police movie release date is April 4, 1993. The movie is also available in Tamil-dubbed version to stream on OTT ZEE5.

Frequently Asked Questions About City Police Movie

Q1. Who has written the story of the City Police Movie?

Ans. Kaloor Dennis has written the story of the City Police Movie.

Q2. Who did the cinematography of the movie City Police?

Ans. Salon George has done the cinematography of the movie.

Q3. In what language City Police movie was originally released in?

Ans. The movie was originally released in  Malayalam.

Q4. Who edited the City Police Movie?

Ans. K. Sankunni has edited the movie.

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