Zee Kannada’s Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs 2019 Grand Finale Had Powerful Surprises: Recap

Parinika Uchil

August 19, 2019

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The Dancing Rani Of SRGMP, Host Anushree

Source: ZEE5

For around six months this year, we were thoroughly entertained by the biggest singing show in Karnataka, Zee Kannada’s Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs Season 16 and not one moment onscreen has been dull. If you follow the show regularly then you will agree when I say the entertainment was mainly those scenes where hostess Anushree was present. Her cute, dimple-smile and comic timing is super-sakkath if you ask me and the Grand Finale was no different if not better. To appease you with some recap pictures, we decided to get some candid stills from our internal sources and present it to you.

Starting with this dancing still of Anushree at the start of the Grand Finale. With adorable moves and a gorgeous outfit, she began the final episode of this season with a blast.

Get A Closer Look At Anushree’s Whole Attire

Source: ZEE5

Dressed in a beautiful red and gold traditional dress, Anushree has matching accessories to go with it too. Most importantly her ever-radiating smile had kept us hooked.

Rajesh Krishnan Gave a Grand Entry On Zee Kannada’s Sa Re Ga Ma Pa

Source: ZEE5

With a maroon and white outfit, the suave judge Rajesh Krishnan graced the audience with a melodious serving of his best songs.

Namma VP Sir Was Dressed In His Stylish Best

Source: ZEE5

Vijay Prakash Sir’s Performance was Grand-Finale worthy because the enthusiasm with which he came absolutely floored the audience.

Arjun Janya Ji Was The Star Of The Show

Source: ZEE5

Dressed in all-black, judge Arjun Janya looks confident about the selected finalists. Also, according to me he looks like the hero of some movie and has come for its promotion don’t you think?

Anushree And The Three Judges – Apt Name For A Storybook, Isn’t It?

Source: ZEE5

Before the final episode began, Anushree wasn’t going to let VP sir go with a lovely Kannada poem, Arjun Sir and Rajesh Sir without a few kind words about their whole experience and how they feel now at the Grand Finale.

The Finalists Are Called To The Stage With Pomp And Splendour

Source: ZEE5

Abhisyanth, Aprameya, Gurukiran, Omkar, Sakshi and Sunadh were happy to come on stage and meet their final audience in the Grand Finale episode. Anushree tried to reduce the tension by making jokes with the puttanigalus.

Surprise! Surprise!

Source: ZEE5

All the six finalists received a 2-day stay free of cost in a beautiful resort in Kodaikanal by one of the sponsors of the show. Isn’t that cool?

Gurukiran In A Gentleman’s Suit

Source: ZEE5

Doesn’t Gurukiran look so different in a suit like this? His performance on Sharadhe Daye Thoridhe from the film Malaya Marutha was loved by all judges. Further, Gurukiran’s sister got emotional after his performance.

Sunadh’s Outfit Was Themed Like A Retro Film Star

Source: ZEE5

With a lovely sky blue with black borders suit, Sunadh looked like a hero of the 70s-80s and his performance on Bombeyatavayya was just as good. Keep scrolling for a surprise.

Thande-Thayige Thakka Maga Abhisyanth Is Up Next

Source: ZEE5

Looking quite serious about his performance, the junior Ananth Nag of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs Season 16, sang the song Shiva Shankari Shivananda from the film Jagadeka Veerana Kathe and it was a hit.

Here’s Why You Should Salute Omkar

Source: ZEE5

Did you know that Omkar’s house in Gokak was completely destroyed by the floods? Still, his love for music brought him to the Grand Finale performing on Aata Hudugatavo from the film Hatavadi. His parents’ too albeit emotional about their house and everything they valued being lost to the North Karnataka floods, came to support him. #Salute #Respect

Looking Like A Princess In The Grand Finale Was Sakshi Kallur

Source: ZEE5

Dressed in a gorgeous pink and blue dress is Sakshi Kallur, who sang the song Jaya Gowri Jagadeeshwari from the film Swarna Gowri. All the three judges and Mahaguru praised her immensely for the Grand Finale performance.

Little Aprameya Gave A Mind-Blowing Performance

Source: ZEE5

From the film Kaviratna Kalidasa, Aprameya sang on Maanikyaveena and boy was it a splendid performance or what? The judges gave great comments to this little lad’s act.

Hanumantha’s Surprise Visit

Source: ZEE5

One of the runner-ups of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Season 15 and a participant of Dance Karnataka Dance Family War 2, Hanumantha was present on the Grand Finale episode so Anushree made sure to call him on stage.

The Tiny Tots Of The Show And Their Special Performance

Source: ZEE5

Entertaining us for over six months now were the 6.5-year-old Parnika and the ‘almost four-years-old’ Gnana, who were the special contestants of Season 16. Choosing the Vijay Prakash song Yenammi Yenammi from the film Ayogya, Parignana’s duet was like icing on the cake.

Anushree Will Surely Miss These Two

Source: ZEE5

Along with Anushree, I will miss these two adorable girls onscreen henceforth. Their voice, their innocent nature and wonderful attitudes made a place in all our hearts. Thus, their name Parignana (Parnika + Gnana) because wherever they went, smiles were sure to follow.

An Adorable Click Of Anushree And Her Two Foster Kids

Source: ZEE5

The judges had great fun talking to Parnika and Gnana after their wonderful performance. Anushree, who looks very comfortable hosting them on her lap, always forgets everyone else, when these two are around her. #adorable

The Finalists Are Brought To The Stage To Find Out Who Goes To The Next Round

Source: ZEE5

The first round on the Grand Finale got over, so Anushree called out the finalists of the show once again to choose three contestants going into the next round.

Omkar Is The First Selected Contestant on Zee Kannada’s Sa Re Ga Ma Pa

Source: ZEE5

Omkar was the well-deserving first contestant to go into the final round of the Grand Finale. To know who else got selected keep scrolling…

Gurukiran Was The Next Chosen Finalist

Source: ZEE5

A well-deserving second chance was given to Gurukiran from Honnavara. It is not a surprise because of the abundant golden-buzzer performances he has given in the past six months.

Abhisyanth Was The Last Contestant To Go To The Next Round

Source: ZEE5

The Thande-Thayige Thakka Maga finally got selected, which means that the finalists for the last round of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs Season 16 were Omkar, Gurukiran and Abhisyanth.

Jothe Jotheyalli Artists Anu And Aryavardhan Gave A Special Appearance

Source: ZEE5

Look who came as a small surprise to the Zee Kannada fans! It was none other than Anu and Aaryavardhan, the lead characters of the upcoming show on Zee Kannada, Jothe Jotheyalli, which a love story that looks past any age.

Jothe Jotheyalli Actor Anirudh Melodiously Performed For Fans

Source: ZEE5

The lead of Jothe Jotheyalli is none other than the prominent actor Anirudh. Since he is a great singer too, Anushree requested him to sing a few lines for fans and boy what a performance it was.

Wait A Minute! Is That Sunadh?

Source: ZEE5

Yes! Nadabramha Sir actually excused himself and the three judges for five minutes and brought back Sunadh as the ‘special-entry’ fourth finalist. It was really sweet of the Mahaguru to do so because he said talent mustn’t go waste, ever!

Gurukiran: Take Two

Source: ZEE5

Gurukiran’s second choice of song was Nambide Ninna Naada Devateye from the film Sandhya Raaga. Even though the Mahaguru couldn’t score him, the cumulative review of the judges was positive.

Abhisyanth’s Last Opportunity To Impress Everyone

Source: ZEE5

Back with the same seriousness as before was Abhisyanth. He concentrated and gave his best while giving his last performance (Naadamaya Eee Lokavella from the film Jeevana Chaithra) on the show ever. To know the results keep scrolling…

Will Sunadh’s Rebirth In The Show Be Worth It?

Source: ZEE5

Sunadh got another life in the show, something that seldom happens. He gave his best while performing on Shiva Shiva Ennada Naalige from the film Hemavavathi. Let’s keep our fingers crossed to see what happens next.

Omkar Sang One Of Mahaguru’s Compositions

Source: ZEE5

Choosing to sing on the Mahaguru Nadabramha Hamsalekha, Omkar performed on Maha Prana Deepam Shivam from the film Sri Manjunatha. Did you know that in almost all Grand Finales of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, this song has been sung?

Before The Final Announcement, Ex-Contestants Gave A Special Performance

Source: ZEE5

To ensure that the audience is relaxed a little bit before the final results were announced, our ex-participants entertained the audience thoroughly with their group performance.

What Do You See In This Picture?

Source: ZEE5

Although it seems like Hamsalekha Sir is embracing Gurukiran, it is actually Omkar who won this season because his hand is up. Finally, after so many months and selecting through 19 contestants, we have a winner.

Say Congrats To Gokak’s Omkar Pattar, Winner Of SRGMP Li’l Champs Season 16

Source: ZEE5

The most-deserving winner of the show is Omkar, who can now finally give his parents, a new home with the prize money. Not to forget this massive trophy will fill his childhood with happiness, forever. Congratulations to Omkar on behalf of the entire Zee Kannada Kutumba.

Send in your best wishes to the lovely boy, in the space provided below.

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