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You Will Be Surprised To Know Ekta Kapoor’s And Jeetendra’s Reaction On Tusshar Kapoor Becoming A Bachelor Dad – FIND OUT


January 18, 2022

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As already known Tusshar Kapoor recently became a bachelor dad and he is enjoying his life has a father but you will be surprised to know sister Ekta Kapoor and dad Jeetendra’s reaction on this step of Tusshar

The famous actor Tusshar Kapoor is one of the actors who played a very vital role in Bollywood comedy movies. He has always been very fascinated and dedicated to his work. He chooses to be a single parent for his son Laksshya in 2016. He is taking responsibility for his son Laksshya as a father of him. Recently, he is all set down to publish his book named “Bachelors dad”. He jotted down the whole journey of his life as a single parent of Laksshya’s father in his book.

In the recent interview, they questioned Tusshar about his journey of fatherhood. He explained everything in a great manner as he got the opportunity to express himself in front of the media. He added that it was her sister Ekta who named the Laksshya to his son. He added that Laksshya means goal and his goal is to take care of his son Laksshya. He added that his friends inspired him to write down his experience of single parents. During this pandemic situation. He mentioned that he was also isolated in his place so he got as much time to write a book. He added that her mother was a bit surprised at first but slowly she helped him keep care of Laksshya. There were not much more objections. His father also accepted everything. His father was also very cool about it and further he added that he revealed everything about his fathers’ opinion about a single parent in his book “Bachelors dad”

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He also added that he is open find out a perfect partner who will take care of his son. However, he also mentioned that he is not waiting for love, but might be looking for some right person who can live with him. It’s not about he is feeling incomplete but it’s all about the things that may happen. He feels complete and he proved himself a right. Ending to his statement, he added but of course never say never. You cannot say where your destiny will be

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