Yeshu Episode 2: Jesus Christ Is Born And King Herod Is Determined To Kill Him

In the second episode of Yeshu, ‘The Story of Jesus Christ’, King Herod learns about the child who will end his tyranny and he orders his men to kill the little boy.

Vaishnavi Navalkar

December 23, 2020


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Yeshu, based on the story of Jesus Christ is a new TV show. It depicts the childhood story of Jesus Christ (Yeshu Masih) and how he spreads love and happiness amongst his people in the village. It stars Aarya DharmChand Kumar who portrays the role of Yeshu’s father. Sonali Nikam is seen as Mother Mary, on the show while actor Vivaan Shah is seen as Yeshu.In the first episode of Yeshu, we saw how people suffer the tyranny of Kind Herod.  Meanwhile, a young woman Mary learns that a messiah will be born from her womb. Joseph marries a pregnant Mary and she gives birth to a boy and names him Yeshu.

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In the next episode, Mary and Joseph bring baby Yeshu to Joseph’s brother’s house. The entire house is happy that Mary has brought home baby Yeshu. Meanwhile, King Herod learns from his priest that the birth of a child will put an end to his tyranny. He gets mad and orders his men to go and look for the baby. King Herod orders his men to kill each and every little child in the village to put an end to all the predictions made by the priest.

Mary’s mother meets baby Yesh and her heart beams with happiness and pride. She tells Mary that she has not only given birth to a special child but a messiah. The three wise men also arrive at Yeshu’s village to meet him and come along with a few gifts for the newborn child. King Herod’s men find the three wise men and follow them to Yeshu’s house. The evil Kind Herod smiles thinking that his men will finish the little child and he will be great again unaware about what lies in his future.

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