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When Sunny Leone Had An “Emotional Outbreak On Sets” While Filming Karenjit Kaur- Watch Video

Aditi Sharma

March 13, 2021

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Watch Sunny Leone talking about her emotional outbursts on the set of Karenjit Kaur as she misses her parents.

Sunny Leone played herself in the series Karenjit Kaur – The Untold Story of Sunny Leone. It is a ZEE5 Original that centers around the life of Sunny Leone. Recently, a throwback video of the actor talking about her parents went viral online. In the video, Sunny Leone is seen narrating how she emotionally broke down on sets during filming a scene where she missed her parents.

In the video, Sunny Leone is seen speaking at an event after the premiere of Karenjit Kaur. When the actor is asked about her emotional outburst on sets, Sunny Leone said that she cried every day on sets. She added that she misses her parents every day and it is very natural when they are not there with you. Sunny Leone further mentioned that in the first season of Karenjit Kaur, she started knowing about her parents, and in the second season, she said goodbye to them. So it was really hard for her to shoot.

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Sunny Leone was questioned as to how she got convinced that she has to tell her story through this series. The actor said that she is still convincing herself that her story will now be viewed by millions of people. She then praised Karenjit Kaur’s director Aditya Datt and said that she was glad that a director like him is shooting her as she can be herself and be comfortable while shooting.

On the work front, Sunny Leone recently came back from Kerala after completing her shoot of the TV show ‘Splitsvilla’ and will be making her debut in Malayalam cinema with the film ‘Rangeela’.

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