Washington Sundar Continues To Soar High Despite Facing Several Hardships

Washington Sundar is now an integral part of the Indian Cricket team. But before becoming a cricket player, Sundar faced several challenges due to his hearing issues.

Tanvi Dhote

January 19, 2021

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Washington Sundar has proved his mettle to the world. In the recent test series against Australia, India has been delivering a phenomenal performance. Apart from the batting line up, Indian bowlers have also been performing extremely well. One such bowler is Washington Sundar. Sundar joined the team as a net bowler but now is an integral part of India’s test team. Find out more details about this story below.

India’s performance has been getting a worldwide applaud. Their last test win was a landmark win for the team. India’s batting line up in these test series has also been phenomenal. Apart from the Indian batsmen, the bowlers have also been a substantial contributor in this win. One such bowler is Washington Sundar.

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Sundar reached Australia just as a net bowler. But he soon proved his mettle in this test series. He is now part of India’s Test squad. Sundar cannot hear from one ear. According to a media portal’s report, Sundar was four years old when he fell terribly sick. This sickness was responsible for him losing his hearing aid from one ear. Even after undergoing several treatments, Washington Sundar’s hearing could not be restored.

This disability led to Sundar suffering from a lot of problems. But even though this was a major hindrance in his life, Sundar focused on his goals. He never let this weakness become an obstacle. This illness even resulted in the Indian bowler facing coordination problems with his teammates during a match. But with his efforts, Sundar marked his cricket debut in the Tamil Nadu team in 2016. In 2017 he got the opportunity of a lifetime and he marked his debut for Team India.

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Sundar is now the youngest player after Parthiv Patel to join the team and mark his debut in ODI. Washington Sundar was 18 years and 69 days old whereas, Parthiv Patel was 17 years and 301 days old when he joined the team. Despite having a hearing problem, Sundar’s love for cricket never vanished. This determination has helped him carve a special place in team India.

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