Vilayti Bhabhi: Don’t you think Balwinder and Nawab are the next best couple in the show?

You think only Emily and Sandy look cute together. Read on further to know the other sweet-and-sour duo.


November 21, 2020


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Zee Punjabi’s Vilayti Bhabhi knows how to tickle your funny bone. Even during the initial days of the Coronavirus pandemic, the show managed to spread awareness and make you laugh, didn’t it? After all, we all love to see Emily (Isha Gupta) and Sandy’s (Kanwalpreet Singh) chemistry in the show. However, we have another duo, Nawab (Gursewak Singh) and Balwinder Kaur who are just as cute!

Watch the hilarious episode of Vilayti Bhabhi here:

The beginning of a budding romance

Yup, it all happened because of an accident. But inspector Balwinder Kaur falls in love with Nawab at first sight. Balwinder finds Nawab to be an innocent soul. With time, Balwinder’s love for Nawab grows deeper. She likes his kind-hearted nature and the fact that Nawab is not afraid of her. Do you want to check out her deewanapan for Nawab?

Balwinder tries her luck in wooing Nawab, but he runs away from her. Balwinder takes the help of Sandy to impress Nawab. Sandy uses this opportunity to earn some easy bucks from the police. He sells Emily’s perfume and other things to Balwinder. When everything fails, Sandy tells her to get a makeover. However, the results of it aren’t good enough to woo anyone.

A still from the show (Source: ZEE5)

Yeah! We know, it’s shockingly horrible. But when Sandy sees her, even he feels the same. Balwinder soon realises that Sandy is minting money from her. So, she straights him out.

A still from the show (Source: ZEE5)

When everything else fails, Emily comes to her rescue. Balwinder reaches out to Emily. She helps Balwinder and gives her the perfect makeover. Emily teaches Balwinder to be a gentle lady.

A still from the show (Source: ZEE5)

With Emily’s help, Balwinder comes to Sandy’s house with her father. She wishes to marry Nawab. However, Nawab is not ready to accept Balwinder. So he asks Sandy to come up with a scheme. Sandy’s scheme creates enough hullabaloo and confusion which leads to misunderstanding between Nawab and Balwinder.

A still from the show (Source: ZEE5)

Now, what will happen next? Balwinder is keen to marry Nawab. But will Nawab realise Balwinder’s true love? Don’t miss this laugh-riot, as the show is becoming funnier with every new episode.

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