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Varun Dhawan In Badlapur Or Pulkit Samrat In Taish: Who Is A Bigger Revenge-Seeker?

Vatsal Thakore

March 30, 2021

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Varun Dhawan in Badlapur and Pulkit Samrat in Taish are both angry young men, filled with rage. Here is a fun little comparison of the two characters.

Badlapur and Taish are two of the most vigour-filled and thrilling revenge dramas of the Hindi film industry. Varun Dhawan as Raghu in Badlapur had us thrilled throughout the film, as he took us through his journey of vengeance. Similarly, Pulkit Samrat as Sunny in Taish also had a thrilling journey after he began his violent vendetta. Seeing their similar journeys in their films, let us put the two characters against each other, like in a WWE trump cards game, and compare their strong points and weaknesses!


Varun Dhawan in Badlapur plays the role of Raghu, who was a family man but a sudden tragedy leaves his soul wounded and scarred for life. This tragedy occurs when two bank robbers kill his wife and son during their chase. Due to his loss, Raghu becomes a person who only knows hatred and vengeance. He sets out to find his family’s killers and make them pay for their crimes. However, in this journey of vengeance, he loses sight of what’s right and what’s wrong and turns into a ruthless person.

Pulkit Samrat in Taish plays the role of Sunny, who was also a simple man, living peacefully with his friends and family. However, during a celebration, he crosses paths with a man, because of whom, he and his friend are reminded of their childhood trauma. Driven by the anger that was caused by this trauma, Sunny becomes a violent person and almost kills a man. This begins a series of violent misadventures that changes Sunny and his friends’ lives forever.

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Have you heard the sayings about how dangerous an injured lion is? Raghu is the personification of this quote. A ghayal sher, he becomes a living danger for the ones he aims to kill. On the other hand, Sunny is a ghatak sher – a deadly lion who sits calmly until there comes a moment when he is ready to pounce and kill his prey.

Also, while Raghu’s journey revolves around his revenge, Sunny’s journey revolves around his and his enemy’s wrath. How interestingly do the names of their films capture the essence of their journeys – Raghu’s Badlapur (city of revenge) and Sunny’s Taish (wrath).

Both the characters share similarities of being the killers who can kill in cold blood. However, Raghu is a lone warrior and Sunny has the support of his friend and his brother. For this, we can let Raghu have an advantage point, right

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The cold blood of these killers has made them so cold-hearted, that it even reflects in their words. Remember when Raghu is carrying the corpses of the people he killed, in his car, and he is stopped by the traffic police? They ask him if he is drunk, and Raghu, with a scaringly calm expression and a sarcastic smile, says, “Murder kele (I’ve murdered someone)”.

A similar moment comes in Taish, when Sunny mercilessly beats up a man, almost killing him. To this, his friend turns white with shock and asks him what if the man had died, and Sunny, with a similar calm expression, says, “Mara nahi? (Did he not die?)”

Well… one should know better than to be in the bad books of these cold-blooded killers. We, being extra cautious refuse to name our favourite among them and will happily hear your verdict instead. 

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