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Tony Kakkar Has The Sweetest Reply To A Troll Who’d ‘Rather Eat Poison Than Listen To His Songs’


September 12, 2021

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Singing Sensation Tony Kakkar gives a sweet reply to troll who’d prefer death than listen to the rapper

Trolls are often seen on a hunt to nit pick something and gain the limelight and this time rapper Tony Kakkar was on the target where a troll tweeted saying,”Sir apke gaane sunne se acha me Zahar khaake Mar jao (I would rather take poison and die than listen to your songs).” Tony said, “Aap maro mat.. kabhi bhi mat suno (Don’t die, please. And you don’t have to listen to my songs). Your life is precious. 100 Tony kakkar aayenge jayenge (People like me come and go). I wish aapko meri Umar lag jaaye (I hope you have a long life).”

The troll reacted to Tony’s tweet where he wrote, “I do equal number of love songs but you all only talk about dance songs. Make them big. Thank you for that but yeah.. you know what I am saying.”


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This trolling has happened after the release of song ‘Kanta Laga’ with his sister Neha Kakkar and Yo Yo Honey Singh. The song has received mixed responses from viewers as some have loved it and some haven’t.


Tony has always reacted to trolls in his own sweet way and knows what has hus music given him. After having an unfavorable childhood, it’s his hardwork and the same songs which’ve let him complete all his dreams and tick off his bucket list. Speaking of the same Tony had once shared,”Kuch toh log kahenge (People will always have something to say).. I know what my music has given me. My home, my cars, my daily Starbucks ..Everything !! Bina khilono(toys) ke bachpan beeta hai (I didn’t even have toys to play with as a child).”

Every coin having two sides, not everyone will be on the same side as you. This isn’t rhe first time encounter of Tony with the trolls, he’s had it before and knows exactly how to deal with the uncalled drama.

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