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To Lead A Healthy Life Like Deepika Das You Must First Inculcate These 5 Good Habits

Parinika Uchil

November 10, 2019

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Naagini Actress Deepika Das knows what it takes to keep fit and look ravishing

Known for her brilliant performance on the Zee Kannada show Naagini, there is no doubt that Deepika Das knows what it takes to keep fit and look ravishing. The main ingredient to her belief is maintaining a healthy lifestyle. And she is absolutely right! It is imperative to remember that we must treat our body like a temple and ensure that it functions properly.

Today’s episode of Naagini will leave you astonished:

Follow these five healthy tips and you will soon follow in Deepika’s footsteps.

1. Sleep

Sleep is the ultimate requirement to regularly provide the rest and care your body needs. Of course, many of you might find this difficult given your busy schedule, but losing out on sleep is an injustice to the body and the mind. So try to treat yourself with a minimum of six hours sleep in a day. Fix this and many other problems will cease to exist.

2. Meals

It might sound like a tedious task, but planning your meals in advance really helps to make your life easier and less stressful. All hassles during the week about food can be avoided this way too. Add a few right ingredients to your meals and make it fun as well as healthy.

3. Exercise

Now, this is a very tricky habit as you might not find the time to exercise. But it is important for you to find time during your day to make exercise a part of your routine. A perfect example is taking the stairs instead of the lift or doing a set of chores that concentrate on different parts of the body.

4. Snacks

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Nuts. So delicious, and so easy to over consume. Most servings of nuts are a small handful, and we often times go to town and WAY more than one handful. If you find yourself wanting to control your calories without weighing out portions, use this guide to help! Each of these above is 100 calories, making it super easy to count and track. I’ve actually seen guides like this pop up before, and a lot of the numbers differ slightly. Rest-assured, I did thorough research here, and based these numbers on quite a few nutrition labels (Planters being a major contributor here) Knowing how to eyeball portions and estimate calories is SO important. I mean, who wants to constantly weigh and measure everything they eat? I hope this guide can act as a tool to get you one step closer to estimating your intake! What’s your nut ranking? For me, cashews are for sure number one, followed by almonds, and then pistachios. As much as I love peanut butter, I don’t really enjoy snacking on peanuts. Go figure. – #fittips #diettips #diethelp #portioncontrol #healthysnacking #nutritionfacts #nutrition101 #macrofriendly #cashews #plantbasedrecipes

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Try to replace fatty stuff like chips with healthy stuff like a handful of almonds. Most of the times it is observed that junk food is associated with stress. A stressed person wants to constantly find something to chew upon. A bowl of almonds does exactly that. It has so many pieces that your mouth won’t find rest and thereby your problem of junk is solved!

5. Sugar

The last habit to lead a healthy life is to cut down on your sugar intake. According to a study, sugar can contract and build harmful diseases in your body right under your nose. Not to forget that sugar has certain properties which will end up making you fat. Try to substitute sugar for the many products available in the market or better yet, quit it.

Follow these five habits and see the change from an unhealthy lifestyle to a healthy one. With the global atmosphere staying in a constant battle, choosing to live a healthier lifestyle is a smart move. It keeps the mind focused on positive things and encourages the body to stay happy as well.

Do you follow any of these habits? Share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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