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Throwback To When John Abraham’s Rejection Reportedly Left Katrina Kaif In Tears

Shrudi Shyam

June 3, 2021

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Recalling the time when John Abraham allegedly got Katrina replaced from a film, leaving the actress in tears. Later the duo reconciled while doing New York together.

Industry spats are not a new phenomenon for anyone in Bollywood. But did you know that John Abraham and Salman Khan also had a cold war brewing between them? Yes, apparently there was some tension between the duo, the reason for which was unknown to John as well. Later, in an episode of Aapki Adaalat, Salman Khan opened up about this topic and said that it’s because John Abraham rejected Katrina Kaif and made the latter cry!


Salman Khan’s narration of the incident

Yes, you heard that right. There was a time when Katrina Kaif was so hurt by John Abraham’s rejection, that she cried her eyes out. Salman Khan recalled this incident that happened back in 2002 when John Abraham and Katrina Kaif were shooting for the film Saaya. According to him, Katrina was removed from the film Saaya, days after starting the shoot and was replaced by actress Tara Sharma.

Katrina believed the reason for this to be John’s influence on the makers. Salman also mentioned how she cried bitterly and thought her career was over. Meanwhile, Salman kept consoling her and boosted her confidence. Katrina then debuted with the 2003 film Boom.

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Katrina Kaif and John Abraham’s New York

Later when Katrina was offered New York opposite John Abraham, the actress was sceptical. That’s when Salman stepped in and convinced her to do the film with John, even though she had her concerns. The film turned out to be a hit, and Salman jokingly claims that it’s because of him and Katrina, that John got that film.

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John Abraham’s shares his thought

Meanwhile commenting on the whole incident, John clarified on the same show as Salman, that he never had any intentions to get Katrina replaced. He added that neither back then when he was a newcomer himself, nor now that he’s a popular star, does he use his popularity negatively. He also humoured Salman’s comment and thanked him and Katrina for giving him an opportunity to be a part of the hit film.

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