This Tea-seller From Vadodara Decided To Hand Out Free Masks With A Cup of Tea as Covid-19 Cases Rise Post Diwali

A tea seller in Vadodara city is distributing free masks with a cup of tea to his customers as Covid-19 cases rise in Gujarat post-Diwali.

Vaishnavi Navalkar

December 4, 2020

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As Gujarat saw a rise in Covid-19 cases post-Diwali, it has become necessary for citizens to follow basic guidelines issued by the government. To encourage people to wear a face mask in public, a tea seller, Sapan Machi from Vadodara, Gujarat started distributing free masks to his customers. With every cup of tea, a customer can get a free face mask. Apart from handing out masks, Sapan Machi makes sure to wear a mask all the time he’s on his stall or serving his customers.

Sapan Machi is doing this good deed at his tea stall in the Bajwada area in Gujarat. Speaking about his initiative to ANI, he said,” The Covid-19 cases have rised after Diwali. The government has issued various guidelines and wearing a mask in public tops it all. If someone leaves his home without a face mask, he’s putting himself and his family at risk and can also get infected by the virus. Keeping all this in mind I started this initiative of giving a free mask with every cup of tea.”

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Sapan Machi hands out a free mask with his special ‘Golden Chai’ costing ₹10, which has ingredients like ginger, mint, cardamom and tea-masala. So far, Sapan has sold 650 to 700 cups of his special ‘Golden Chai’ and has also handed out free masks along with it. He aims to keep going with this initiative till the pandemic is over and the virus completely is gone. His customers have also praised this initiative. A regular customer at Sapan Machi tea centre said, “I know that he might be going into losses because of distributing free masks but I really support and appreciate his initiative. I feel every shopkeeper must take inspiration from him. The government, the media and others are taking initiative to create awareness and it is good to see such people take up initiatives too.” Such initiatives can go along way in mitigating Covid-19.

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