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These Latest Updates In The Kanye West Battery Lawsuit Will Surprise You – DEETS INSIDE


January 20, 2022

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Recently a legal expert stated if Kanye West is found guilty of misdemeanour battery, he will simply be sentenced to probation. Get other details about the case and the developments

We’re all aware of the Kanye West case and the events that have surrounded it. The LAPD is still investigating Kanye West for misdemeanor violence. Law enforcement has listed the 44-year-old rapper as a defendant in an altercation in which he reportedly assaulted and struck a supporter in Los Angeles on January 13.

Despite the fact that Ye has yet to be criminally charged, he “faces up to one year in jail for misdemeanor battery and up to three years parole,” according to the report. Eric D. Anderson is a criminal defense lawyer in California. Despite the criteria for sentence, If Kanye is guilty, Anderson believes he would be “extremely astonished” if he served any time in prison, and that he is more likely to receive parole.

“ He has both benefits and drawbacks. The fact that he is black is a disadvantage. “The benefits are that he’s wealthy and well-known, and those two things don’t sum up to a lot of time,” Anderson said, suggesting that penalties for somebody with Kanye’s riches “would be worthless.”

“Prosecutors must show that the offender committed force or aggression against another individual in order to obtain a verdict.” They must also prove that the force employed was purposeful and illegal, according to Anderson. “Kanye may have a strong case for self-defense. It is up to the prosecutors to prove that it was not self-defense. ‘Look, I don’t know this individual, and this guy was being quite hostile with me,’ you may easily claim. I felt in danger. As a result, I exploded.”

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The fashion designer apparently got into an altercation “that went physical” outside the Soho Warehouse in Downtown Los Angeles, as we previously disclosed. He “pushed and then attacked a male fan,” according to reports. “The encounter transpired around 3 a.m. in downtown Los Angeles near the junctions of Bay and Santa Fe streets,” the LAPD said in a report to a prominent web portal. Although no indictments have been made, he has been listed as a contender in the investigation.” If Kanye were one of his clients, Anderson said he would advise him to “remain out of view, keep a low profile, and keep quiet.”

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