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Then And Now Pictures Of Crashh Actors Anushka Sen, Rohan Mehra And Cast That Are Super Cute

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February 17, 2021

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Since the show is about childhood and family, take a look at the stellar cast and their own younger versions from real life!

ZEE5’s latest web series, Crashh, that released this Valentine’s day is all about siblings love. Starring Aditi Sharma, Kunj Anand, Anushka Sen, Rohan Mehra and Zain Imam, this show reeks of nostalgia and the pain of separation. It follows the lives of four siblings whose lives were torn apart after a car crash which caused the death of their parents and left them each to be adopted by different families. Since the show is about childhood and family, take a look at the stellar cast and their own younger versions, in real life!

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Rohan Mehra

Look at how adorable Rohan Mehra was as a baby boy! Now he’s grown to look like a prince charming!

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Rohan plays the role of Rahim who is actually Aliya’s twin brother, but because of that fact being unknown, he actually works as her driver. Rahim is street smart yet inquisitive and sensitive when he needs to be. He is especially caring towards his parents.

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Anushka Sen

Real-life Aliya looked extremely naughty as a child! In real-life, Anushka Sen is known for her adorable looks and for her great acting skills, but this childhood picture shows us her naughty side!

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Aliya is a rich girl who is smart and also earns a lot of money on her own through her social media. She’s a trendsetter and an influencer. She cares deeply for the ones she loves and can go to any lengths to protect them!

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Kunj Anand

Now let us look at another fierce character in the show, Kabir! Kabir is a police inspector who is diligent, fair and just. He is a lonely man who really wants to find his siblings and reunite with his family. In real life though, his childhood photo screams goofiness!

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While we don’t see Kabir laugh this loud in the show, we do know how happy he is when he learns that Kajal is his sister.

Aditi Sharma

Aditi Sharma looks a little serious and quiet as a child, but our belief is certainly based on this picture and we bet Aditi has many notorious tales to tell from her childhood days.

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Aditi in the show has a lot to deal with. The memories of her car crash continue to haunt her even after she grows up and her adopted mother and her suicidal tendencies is a new battle she has to fight on a regular basis.

To know more about these four siblings, watch Crashh on ZEE5 today.

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