The leaked chat of Vilayti Bhabhi will show you that Sandy, Emily, Nirmal, and Jackson are as loony as their characters

The cast of Vilayti Bhabhi is just as loony as their characters. Read on to know a fun behind-the-scenes conversation.


October 2, 2020


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Zee Punjabi’s Vilayti Bhabhi is a laughter rollercoaster. Just sit back, and have a great laugh. The ensemble cast always puts up an entertaining show. Be it Emily (Isha Gupta), or Sandy (Kanwalpreet Singh), or Jackson (Mandeep Mani), or Nawab (Gursewak Singh), the actors always make you chuckle with their looniness. Well, the pack is funny. Not only on-screen but off-screen too. We have proof of their strong bonding – their WhatsApp chat.

Before moving ahead, watch the latest episode here:

The leaked conversation of Vilayti actors

Kanwalpreet Singh (Sandy) and Isha Gupta (Emily) (Source: ZEE5)

The cast of Vilayti Bhabhi has made a group on WhatsApp named Vilayti actors. Isha Gupta shared a screenshot from their conversation on social media, and their chat is as funny as their act. Here is the screenshot.

Source: Instagram

Sandy’s mother, Nirmal (Preeti Jain) began the conversation by asking if someone saw her headphones in the makeup or any other room. Preeti’s message started a chain of messages where Isha asked about her specs, Mandeep Mani (Jackson) asked about his shorts, and Kanwalpreet asked about his underwear. Isha replied to Sandy and Mani that she’s serious. Both the actors mocked Isha by saying that even they are serious. See, such are their off-screen problems.

If you wish to have a virtual tour of Vilayti Bhabhi, keep reading this space. Kanwalpreet shared a vlog from his shoot, and Gursewak helped him in capturing behind-the-scenes fun. Here it is.

So, we hope you got an idea about the strong bond of team Vilayti Bhabhi. Keep watching the show and stay entertained.

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