Take A Look At These 6 Main Characters Who Made Naagini A Super-Duper Hit!


April 16, 2020

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Directed by Hayavadana, Naagini starred Deepika Das and Deekshith Shetty wherein Amrutha, played by Deepika Das, goes on a journey to avenge the death of her parents King Naagaraja (Master Sanjay) and Queen Nagarani (Jayashree Raj). While they are killed to secure the Naagamani, it is also discovered that Amrutha must bring back the Naagamani in order to save the Naagaloka.

Here are six characters from the show that make it as interesting as it is: 

Amrutha, played by the very talented Deepika, is Naagini and the daughter King Naagaraja and Queen Nagarani. She is the one who takes charge of saving the Naagaloka by bringing back the Naagamani. She is brave and courageous as she is seen fighting evil and is a true inspiration to the other serpents in the Naagaloka.


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Shesha is also an ichchadaari Naagini who comes to life to help Amrutha and the two became the best of friends over time. She is made by the Gurudeva and is a mirror image of Amrutha with only a mole on her neck to distinguishes her from the latter. Shesha is also killed during Amrutha’s marriage ceremony after which she comes back as Lord Kartikeya.


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Arjun plays the husband of Amrutha. While he is adopted by Vishnu and Hema, his actual mother is revealed as Yasodha. He is seen supporting Amrutha through thick and thin. He truly loves her and goes to any extent to help her and save her life. The love story between the two is the cutest ever!

Bhairava Baba

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Bhairava Baba is the other murderer of Shesha. He is tempted to steal the Naagmani so that he can gain control of the Naagaloka. Apart from that, he is also the guru of Vishnu and Rudra.


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Urmila plays an apsara who is also aspiring to take the Naagamani. As an apsara, she follows Arjun and tries to possess him. Urmila is undoubtedly one of the most desirable and attractive characters, despite her negative role.


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Vishnu is the other murderer of Shesha who is also the adopted son of Triveni. He plays an accurate role as Rudra’s brother who is blinded by greed so that he can procure the Naagamani.

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