Taish: 7 Times Jim Sarbh Stole The Spotlight From Fellow Cast Mates With His Terrific Portrayal Of Rohan Kalra

Jim Sarbh, over the years, has delivered many phenomenal on-screen performances. In Taish, he has outdone himself once again and has stole the spotlight from his other cast members. Take a look.

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November 12, 2020

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ZEE5 Original, Taish, has become the talk of the town. All thanks to the stunning performances by the actors and the minute peculiarities that the content creators have added. Talking about actors’ performances, Jim Sarbh has outdone himself once again in the film. In Taish, he plays the role of Dr. Rohan Kalra who is ecstatic to reunite with his childhood friend Sunny at his brother Krish’s wedding. In the film, Jim Sarbh as Rohan Kalra has not only proved his acting chops but in the process, stole the limelight from other Taish members as well. Take a look.

1. When he was the torn lover

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Jim Sarbh did a fabulous job at being a torn lover. In his first scene from Taish, Jim a.k.a. Rohan Kalra is trying to apologise to his girlfriend Arfa. But soon she tells him that his family are against him dating a Muslim Pakistani girl. Hence she did not receive an invitation to the wedding. In this scene, Rohan tries very hard to mend things with Arfa but also needs to depart from her to attend his brother’s wedding.

2. When Jim was the relatable big brother

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Rohan Kalra can be considered as one of the most relatable on-screen big brothers. So when he finally takes a break from his issues with his girlfriend Arfa and his parents, Rohan reunites with the groom a.k.a. his younger brother Krish. The moment he walks into the venue, he makes sure to pass a sly comment that asserts his position as the big brother. Krish and Rohan’s sibling banter is something to watch out for in Taish.

3. When Rohan reunites with Sunny

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Rohan (Jim Sarbh) and Sunny (Pulkit Samrat) have been best friends for ages. So when they finally reunite at Krish’s wedding, Rohan could not hold back himself and was one of the happiest people present at the venue. Jim’s role as Sunny’s best friend was convincing, relatable, and realistic in every scene.

4. When he reunites with Arfa

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Rohan and Arfa departed on a sore note at their hospital. So when Rohan finally reunites with Arfa, he experiences a sudden state of calm. This calmness is clearly visible on Jim Sarbh’s face. Their conversation at the Karla mansion is proof enough of this statement.

5. When he meets Kuli again

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One of the most heartbreaking scenes in the film is when Rohan sees Kuli again at the cocktail party. Amidst the part chaos, Rohan suffers from a minor panic attack and faints. Jim Sarbh added more depth to the Rohan’s past when he reiterates Kuli’s horrific act to Sunny.

6. On Krish’s wedding day

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Krish’s wedding day was one of the darkest moments in Rohan’s life. Jim Sarbh delivered the exact emotion the above-shown scene needed. Without any dialogues, he was able to position himself as Rohan Kalra who suffers an unbearable loss on one of the happiest days of his little brother’s life.

7. When he is ready to seek revenge

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The horrible incident that took place at Krish’s wedding, has changed Rohan forever. Jim Sarbh easily adapted this changed demeanour. But most importantly, he altered Rohan’s entire personality as a calm and mature guy to a person who is high on revenge and wants Pali to pay for his sins.

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