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Sushmita Sen’s Goofiness With Pakistani Singer Danyal Zafar Is Too Adorable To Miss


January 6, 2022

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Sushmita Sen is one of the top divas and actresses in the film industry and has consistently proved herself through elegance. She took social media by storm lately as she was seen sharing some wonderful social media banter moments with Pakistani singer Danyal Zafar

Sushmita Sen recently tweeted a video of herself driving around Mumbai alongside their younger daughter Alisah. Danyal ZafarThe video is set to the song Udh Chaliye by Ali Zafar’s brother, Pakistani singer-actor Danyal Zafar. Sushmita and Alisah have been seen vibing to the song while enjoying a glimpse of the town from the car’s sunroof in the video.

Sushmita, who gave a shout-out to Danyal Zafar, disclosed in the caption that the song was played on loop during the vehicle trip, and she stated that the dancing lights and sealink looked festive and lovely. The wind, the drive, the wide skies, and Alisah’s favourite song were all playing in the background. She also expressed her appreciation to Rohit Bhatkar for exposing them to the song.

The artist noticed Sushmita’s video and replied with a touching comment on her Facebook, expressing his amazement. The singer expressed his excitement and stated that he couldn’t be happier knowing that everyone has been enjoying the song and that it has contributed to such a wonderful experience. He also stated that they all appeared to be having a good time with the trip, the wind, and the open sky. This is precisely what he envisioned for the tune, and they’ve made it a reality. He, too, conveyed his appreciation and was honoured beyond words.

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This allowed the previous beauty queen to respond. Sushmita Sen said that the singer himself, and what a magnificent remark it was that would be remembered forever. The diva was overjoyed with his singing and the tune. She also stated that having the ability to connect individuals and their ambitions beyond geographical boundaries has been a benefit. Sushmita Sen seemed set to ring in the New Year with vigour after recently resuming her gym programme following surgery. Sushmita Sen has always emerged stronger from hardship in her life. And so now, the starlet as well as former Miss Universe has demonstrated her tenacity once more. Sushmita shared an Instagram snapshot of herself smiling in front of a mirror while stretching her body.

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